An open list of apps built with Flutter
Feel free to add an app in progress and update it when it goes live



Assistant for No Man's Sky

Helps users with their journeys in No Man's Sky by providing information such as how an item is crafted, refine as well as many community suggested features



A Open-Source News Mobile App build with Flutter SDK and GetFlutter UI Library.


Meu Ônibus SP (My Bus SP)

Shows the location of all buses on their ordinary routes


Smart Course

Smart course app built in flutter.


Rick and Morty Flutter App

All your Rick and Morty TV Show Data in One Place!


Yaari Cabs

Yaari Cabs is a Fleet service app designed and developed in Flutter, Currently available in India



A cloud-based mobile job app to revolutionize the hiring process in Cambodia.



Share files with any device via Wi-Fi or Tethering


القرآن الكريم

The Noble Qur’an - Hafs from Asim [Arabic Edition] without internet access


IMei Black Market Validator

Smartphone IMEI Validator from Black Market in Indonesia


Nabila Math Game

Simple Math Game for Kids build with Flutter



My Todo

A flutter app which manages your todos.



Play All Video In The World!



KeepMeSafe (with COVID-19 key data)



Change the way you share... by a bonfire.



Play some games to put your memory to test!



IoC container with Dagger like abstractions (dependency injection with Components, SubComponents, Modules), supports components collaboration, singletons, tagging.



Consult the balance and top-ups of your PasseFácil Digital Transport Voucher in a simplified way!



Incentivize Healthy Activities that can change someone’s life and earn rewards from friends for completing challenges.



Bodhisatva Calendar in Regional Language (Marathi in India)


Inspr - Inspirational Quotes

A very simple app with 1.7K+ inspirational quotes


Flutter App Landing Page

App Landing page made with Flutter


Dart Tutorial

Learn Dart In arabic


SkyDragon Antiques Platform

Help Antiques collector to arrange their collections, bring them to anywhere with the phone, ask expert for appraisal, and even sale them to other collectors.


Japlan - Japan Travel Guide

Japlan is a comprehensive Japan travel guide.


Flutter Login Signup

Basic login and signup screen designed in flutter


Wallpapers from Pexels

Wallpaper app using Flutter



Discover new artists, albums and playlists on Spotify with Freshify


Flutter Gwalior Website (Not Official)

Flutter Gwalior website is made with flutter


Gradients Bazaar

Like Gradients but never know the perfect combinations?, I am happy to announce the launch of Gradient Bazaar


Tinder Gold Redesign

Here’s a Tinder Gold redesign concept for the popular dating app.


Shoopy - Invoice, manage inventory & sell online

Shoopy helps local retailers in managing(invoicing, billing & inventory) their shop easily. Be it tracking the sale of the week, new customers in a week, products/items sold etc.


Inspired Monster- Portfolio website

This is a portfolio website for a UI/UX designer written in pure Flutter.


AbhiBus - Bus, IRCTC Train, Rental & Hotel Booking

With more than 5 Million downloads, AbhiBus is the most user-friendly app for Bus Tickets, IRCTC Train Tickets, Rentals and Hotel room bookings in India


Flutter Taxi App

An open source Taxi Booking app built with flutter using Bloc pattern



Interactive Text-based Photo-Sharing App


Flutter Music Player UI

A Material designed music player developed in Flutter.


Quiz Application

Test your knowledge with Quiz app


Chinese Challenges

A quiz app for Chinese learners



Disposable camera app that delivers photo prints to your address


Congressos Ser Educacional

Schedule for conferences organized by Grupo Ser Educacional



Free GSM Collision Warning for real aviation


Blog App

This is a Blog App developed with Flutter Framework and Dart programming language for storing and editing your blogs.


Debt Diary

Track and Save Your Debt Partner


What I Do Today

Record all activity with your voice



Protect Your Business with Secure Team Chat & File Sharing



Buddyweb est une agence web spécialisée dans le développement d'application web et mobile



DPLYR is a free web deployment tool.


Youbahn – Jobs like you

Youbahn is the app for student work with which you immediately earn extra money. Direct access to student work in various branches in your area.


Worddio: Vocabulary builder

Worddio - Learn on the go! Audio flashcards: 34 foreign languages 270 000+ words pronounced by natives


PainLog - migraine, pain and medication tracker

PainLog is a super easy app for migraine, pain and medication tracking and reporting


Four In A Row - Classic

Play the classic '4 In A Row' board game on your phone or tablet!


Listar Flux

Flutter app template for classified directory listing industry


Crop Demo

App to showcase crop package for Flutter.


Flutter Europe

Your companion app at the Flutter Europe conference



App for Real Estate Business Template.


Fitwill: Fitness Plans For Gym & Home with advanced logging

Gym log, workout tracker, challenge tracker and fitness trainer.


Working Time Alert

Never miss the time to go home.


2048 Game

The famous 2048 Game for Web and Mobile


Binary Clock

A clock showing 24 hour in binary format


Doctorweb Solutions (P) Ltd.

DoctorWeb Solutions Website & Mobile App Development Company|| Website Development at Affordable Pricing||We Develop 100% Fast & Secure Applications||Services: Android App Development, iOS App Development, E-commerce App Development


Juit Now

Juit Now offers balanced delicious meals at work, directly from your Juit Now freezer.



Unbiased news stories in 70 words. No BS. No Bias.



Bloon is a mobile application that list all night clubs and events in Paris and recommend you according to your personnalized profile. Bloon organize your party into one click.



A Note Taking App built on top of Git


TV Randshow

App to choose a random TV show episode



Open Source Podcast app for your Show



Zebr is a interesting Gomoku game .



Brazilian app for students of computer science



A simple, easy to use one to one messaging application


Arro Coffee

Coffee Dir of Hong Kong



Measure any tempo, like a song's rhythm, in beats per minute (BPM)


Share Link Generator

Create Facebook share links, Twitter "tweet this" links, LinkedIn share links


WhatsApp Link Generator

Quickly generate a personalized WhatsApp link with a predefined message and share it with your audience on your Social Networks!



A Simple, beautiful and elegant Photo and Text merging app


Chat GUI

An inspiration from the chat application


Adopt a Pup

Adopt a Pup is a mobile app developed to help stray or homeless dogs in Sri Lanka get adopted.


Flutter Liquid Swipe

Liquid Swipe Animation is Inspired by Cuberto


Flutter Portfolio

A simple Portfolio app.



Locativity gives you the best available location, based on the geolocation data of all location providers available at the moment including GPS and WiFi.


Daily Inspirational Quotes

Get Inspirational Quotes


Frontale Together

Japanese football club: Kawasaki Frontale unofficial fan app.



Shortcuts for Trello


Easy Fasting

Easy fasting app with flutter



Wallpapers from Reddit.


نُور | Noor

يضم تطبيق نُور العديد من الأذكار والأدعية الواردة في كتاب حصن المسلم للشيخ سعيد بن علي بن وهف القحطاني.


Flutter Cube

Flutter Cube - 3D object file renderer


Bluer for Facebook - Dark Themed

A Privacy-Focused Dark Themed Facebook App Experience!


99 newspaper

99 NewsPaper offers Daily News Papers, Live News and News websites. Users can read and download their Regional Daily News Papers published daily as E-Paper.


Learn Python: Programiz

Swipe, Learn, Repeat. Learning Python has never been easier.


Beerstory – My beer library

Save your favorite beers and find them back instantly !


App Screenshot Mockup Generator 3D & Picture Maker

Create high quality smartphone mockup screenshots in 3D, easily and very fast


BMI Calculator

Calculate Your Body Mass Index, save the information and view the history.


Flippy Card

Improve your memory with this fun card game!



Flutter Earth



This project is a chat based application for elderly people to make access of youtube videos, calling (audio/video) easier through a single click of a button.


Compound Interest Calculator

Application that calculates the future value of an investment over a period of time



Beautiful, free images and photos. Unsplash Client App



This project is a smart tourism application, which focuses on getting users their preferred destinations and hotels in their budget.



Creating Code Screenshots Made Easy on Mobile 📱



Flutter Sports Application



TicTocToe Game



Another client for Reddit, but this time, it's not just a client. It's a different way of browsing photos, GIFs, memes and other things there!


Roll My Dice

Custom dice roller.


Enhanced Controller for Onkyo and Pioneer

Remote control of an Onkyo/Pioneer/Integra Network Player or a Network A/V Receiver


XCRacer - Canadian Cross Country Ski Points

Canadian Cross Country Ski Points


Off Days - Leave Tracker

An app for tracking your leave days.


البوابة الإعلامية - Oman Info Portal

أداء تنافسي للإعلام العُماني وخدمات اعلامية ذكية.


سوق مبتعث

Classified ads application



A little and minimalist Japanese Kana training


Urban Dictionary - Ads free

Urban Dictionary (Unofficial) - Ads free, search for names and funny definitions


Dear Diary

Pen down your thoughts with this diary application


Fantasy FootballTeam

Flutter For Fantasy Football.



Hangman Game


Gente Toxica

Descubre cómo son los que te hacen mal para sentirse bien.



A portfolio build by using flutter for web.



Affluences lets you know about your favourite places' real-time activity, such as waiting time or on-site occupancy.



Have you ever wanted to stop the rain? It is no longer a problem!



How do you connect with developers or people you meet at events? Simple answer, DevShare!



What would you say if I told you there is a app on the market that tell you if you have a hotdog or not a hotdog.



Carbon footprint calculator


Zaira: Secrets of Orion

Build a space colony to invade other worlds in this turn based space game



Why to use pen and paper? When you can play Tic-Tac-Toe on your device for free.



SchooLife can relates parents with children and their teachers.



MeGa - simple memory game



GERMAS adalah sebuah gerakan yang bertujuan untuk memasyarakatkan budaya hidup sehat serta meninggalkan kebiasaan dan perilaku masyarakat yang kurang sehat.


Little Light for Destiny 2

Little Light is an inventory manager/companion app for Destiny 2 for both iOS and Android. It helps guardians move their gear and track their ingame progress.


Death Timer

How much time do you have left?


The FitExpo 2019

FitExpo is one of the largest fitness expos in India, held every year in Kolkata



Grasp is an education and media platform for the communities to learn and see the different kind of stories, facts and figure , different aspects of the world via. video and articles in different section available in-app.


Flutter Beginner Learning App

This is the application which show flutter basic development .


Bananaz Bali Bike Rental |

Bananaz Bali Bike Rental as a convenient solution for tourists in fulfilling their travel needs, particularly by providing tourism information, recommended destinations and, of course, motorbikes to rent in Bali.


Solar System

An app made with Flutter for children to learn about solar system.



We reveal the world to blind people, promoting accessibility and inclusion.


Coding Interview

Can you answer all coding questions?


Flutter Zomato App UI

Simple Zomato Code UI in Flutter



Free, simple and beautiful currency converter


HelloWorld App

Shows syntax of various programming languages on how to print "Hello World".


Flutter Native Ads

Native ads like Android App Ads style


Charity Donation App

Flutter Charity Donation App Concept



Follow your GitHub buddies with GitBuddy


BuzzyBubble Jokes, Memes, Photos, Videos, Gifs

Get Jokes, memes, photos, videos, gifs of categories you are interested in. Chat with friends, Follow people, pages of your interest any much more






Daily Gym Workouts


Budget MD

Budget MD - Income & Expense tracking


Michigan DevFest 2019 Conference Website

The 7th annual Michigan DevFest conference website was written from scratch using Flutter for Web.


Flutter YouTube Redesign

YouTube Redesign made using Flutter and Dart


Levconomy - Economy Leveling

Take your income to the next level by making it feel like a game!



A guided therapy app created by experts that really helps people with mental health problems



Minesweeper Clone


Loja do Mecânico

A maior loja de máquinas e ferramentas da internet agora no seu celular!


Flutter New Login Interface UI (2-in-1)

A Flutter Login UI Concept. (2-in-1)



A travel journal app to record your travel history


TapRoot - Shopping List for Family & Friends

TapRoot is a social network shopping list app


MorUde Frrr - (Fly Or Not)

A beautiful game where you have to just identify the object that can fly or not.


Smart Notes

A simple, note-taking app with OCR functionality.



Here you'll find a great collection of self made FLUTTER UI's, FLUTTER components with live code examples and GitHub links where you can see UI's source code yourself. Enjoy! 🥰



Delicious homemade lunch sharing between colleagues


MeroSpark : NEB, SEE, Bachelor Level, CTEVT Notes

MeroSpark provides notes, question papers of NEB, SEE, CTEVT and Bachelor level.



This is the application for delegates and guests of Jogja International Model United Nations 2019. Your experience throughout the conference will be a lot more convenient with this app as your guide as you go through the 4-day event and explore Jogja


Happy Diwali Greetings (150+ Cards & Quotes)

Send Happy Diwali Quotes and Card to you Friends and Family using this app



Write notes quickly


Rocket Lab Companion

Never miss anything Rocket Lab!


KB19 Visitors Guide App

A complete guide to KB19 by Karachi Biennale Trust Pakistan Online Shopping Pakistan Online Shopping


Italiano Con Eli

l'app che ti aiuterà a imparare la lingua italiana attraverso i video! Non dimenticare di svolgere le domande a scelta multipla presenti alla fine di ogni video! questo ti aiuterà senz’altro a fissare bene ciò che hai



Newsline is an amazing app that shows you the latest and the most happening news articles based on your location.



HashConnect is rethinking how users connect in the real world.



Identify your logic with URI, apply any number of composable asynchronous or synchronous handlers using intuitive syntax.



A Sri Lankan business directory app.



Powerful to-do list manager, CoolMove is an assistant for all your real estate projects (in France)



Inventory management and sample tracking made easy


Influencer Simulator 2019

Become the most popular influencer!


La Smorfia letteralmente

app per avere i numeri del Lotto dalla smorfia... in senso letterale :-)


Construct Diet – smart diet search

Start losing weight correctly


BMI Calculator (Free)

Calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index) with this App.



Audio messaging app


Let's Lift

Take the struggle and headache out of planning workouts with your gym partners.


Puzzle Mania

Puzzles Collection that Challenge your Brain



Take your golf game to the next level with deliberate practice!


Apex Companion

Unofficial APEX LEGENDS companion App !


Lite Morse Trainer

A simple Morse Code App.


Baby Steps Quiz

Simple multilingual (EN, FR, ES, AR) Quiz App.



Pharmacy Just Got Easier. PocketPills sorts your medication by the dose and delivers it directly to you for free.


RoomsLocal - Rent UK Rooms

Start your property search on the move! We are making it even easier for you to discover, search and find new properties in the UK.


Monali by DV Santé

The Monali app is dedicated to health professionals.


Naked Wines

Buy exclusive wines online from independent winemakers around the world.


Blue Diary

A lightweight & effective Todo app using BLoC pattern. Supports localization.


Cricket Fantasy League

Cricket UI Kit contains 40+ Screens with a different type of UI component; this kit can save your time to code all Front end layout. Easy to implement with your code!


Sepran Expense Manager

Track your daily expenses in a simple way



wordoftravel helps travellers research destinations and get travel tips from like-minded travellers. Discover travel blogs to follow and search over 10,000 travel blog posts packed with inspiring stories and informative travel tips.


Writco — Write & Discover Stories, Poems & Quotes

A multilingual social writing and discovery platform that connects readers & writers around the globe! You can now read, write & share your stories, poems & quotes in more than 25 categories and 11 languages and earn cash rewards too.



Share quickly tweets via Instagram


Timy Messenger

Open source mobile app for groups to communicate and organize themselves


Bar Finder - Hannover

Find bars for beer, wine, cocktails and more in Hannover.



Door to door affordable scheduled and on demand requests waste collection.



Vivllio: The College Marketplace App


Anotações de Flutter

Anotações Flutter é um caderno.


Classic Talent Calculator

A Talent Calculator for Classic World of Warcraft


AUX Albums

Spotify saved album organizer.


Simulador TIM Beta

Simple app that calculates needed score for mobile carrier plans


Learn Computer 2019

You can easily learn computer Basics to Advance. You will be zero to hero of computer.


Learning Flutter

Learning Flutter and Dart languange


Save Story for Facebook Stories

A Privacy-Focused Dark Themed Facebook App Experience!



Sentimental Analysis


Sport News App

flutter design for sport news android & iOS mobile application.



Electric scooters mobile app



Easier way to manage shift


Udacity Flutter Web Clone App

Udacity clone ui made with flutter Web And Mobile app development Hello beautiful people, I hope you are all excited to start this playlist, because we have a lot of good content on the way, the main goal of this channel is to make sure you guys lea


Single Landing Page

Simple Demo about Flutter Web with Flutter 1.9 release.


Droidcon Greece Agenda

Companion app for following all the DroidconGreece tracks!


Starbulls Rosenheim

The app contains all relevant data about starbulls rosenheim. An ice hockey team based in rosenheim - germany.



A new way to consume content based on your real interests.



An open-source app to manage a Nintendo Amiibo collection.


Little Birds

Card Database for Game Of Thrones LCG



ahhhhhh makes your phone moan when plugged in



Which of you has the best vocabulary ? Compete with your friends offline.



« Guess Who ? » with emojis ! No Internet needed. Choose grid size & categories.



A simple Wordpress App


Genius Collor

Learn a little more about the colors and their infinite variations.


Speak NATO

Multi-language phonetic alphabet


Reflectly Like Login Page

Inspired by Reflectly Login Screen Page in Flutter Demo App for Educational Perspective


Congressos UNAMA

Schedule for conferences organized by Universidade da Amazônia (UNAMA)


AuthPass - Password Manager

Keepass compatible password manager for mobile and desktop.


TT Schedule

A better schedule app for Swedish schools using the Hjärntorget system


Pocket Bus (Föli)

Pocket Bus brings together Föli buses and Föli bikes in one app!



A new Flutter application which demonstrate login and signup UI



Simplified payment for electricity in Nigeria. Spreading across Africa.


Delern Flashcards

Use flashcards to learn anything.



Test your knowledge in many different categories and sharpen your skills with QuizAdda. Free to use, user-contributed trivia question database.


Liquid Pull To Refresh

🔁 A custom refresh indicator for flutter.



Control your digital identity



Abasteça com desconto!


Awesome Remote Controller UI Flutter

Beautiful Remote Controller UI Design Made in Flutter.



Rest in squat position for 30 minutes each day to increase hip, ankle and back mobility.


Easy Service

Test APIs & services on your mobile.


Daily Expense

Daily Expense enables you to easily manage your daily expenses with customized expense categories.


Flutter Overboard

Create beautiful on-boarding screen with minimal code.


Amiibo Network

An Amiibo collection app with a wishlist and personal collection, search bar to search by name and category list to see each type of amiibo.



Galpi: the book-logging app.



A simple todo app



Pesan makan siang dan malam dari dapur terkurasi, bebas repot dan gratis ongkir.



Open Source Weather App With Funny Comments



Put a smile on someone's face



A simple scroll animation example for flutter like scrollmagic


Blaise - Pascal Wallet

Simple, Sleek & Secure Pascal Wallet


Desafio Fotográfico

Faz a inscrição de fotos no ABCclick em todos os desafios fotográficos



One App, All Payments


Flutter Widget Guide

A one stop guide for anyone new in the Flutterverse.


Schat Whatsapp

send whatsapp message without saving the number



An application which shows famous quotes, It's that simple.



A Simple TicTacToe game made using Flutter!



Easy & Quick to create Todo and Note.


Chitr: Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Chitr is a Wallpapers and Backgrounds app.


Ninja Number Second Phone Line

Ninja Number adds a second business phone line to your cellphone, reminding you of missed calls and texts, automatically answering common questions from customers, transcribing voicemails, and much more!



A Flutter E-Commerce App concept built using MobX and Firebase


Fillit - Unique Mobile Banking Experience

The digital wallet of a new era, the only one you need to have.


My Quotes

Create and manage your personal quotes collection


Quidlo Timesheets: Time Tracking App for Teams

Quidlo Timesheets. Easy way to track your time!



Find and Meet Foodies Nearby


Aural Wiz

Essential music theory reference and resources for ear training.


GtrLib Chords - Guitar Chord Library

A vast & comprehensive library of guitar chords with suggested chord fingering.


Friend Theory

Find a friend, anywhere you go



Simple game to improve problem solving skills



App that combines AI, fashion, arts & blockchain


Flutter Food Delivery App Theme

Flutter Food Ordering App Theme Template



An App Made With Flutter By A Young Developer For Developers!


Clinical Sense by Medical Joyworks

By doctors for doctors; Clinical Sense is the app to practice being a doctor.


Simple Portfolio

A single page website built in Flutter