An open list of apps built with Flutter
Feel free to add an app in progress and update it when it goes live



Balloon - Visited Countries Map

Save and keep track of the countries and states you've already visited, update your travel diary and read useful and essential information for your next trip.


engolf golf calculator app

This is Golf Calculator Application


Bowvie Weather

The only weather app with spot-on predictions.



Walls is a wallpaper service app with out any Ads. Beautiful, free photos. Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.



A party game that lets you learn more about your friends


NextBus SG

An app to show everything bus related in Singapore, including arrival times and a directory



Live, Wings, Cheers


SnapHunt - A Scavenger Hunt Game

SnapHunt is a scavenger hunt game!


Git Trend

1.See the top trending Repos & Devs on GitHub 2.You can bookmark your favorite😍


Live Closer - Cut the Commute

Connects people who wants to live closer to their interests, cutting the commute.



Anime Schedule Application


Right? - A brain bending game

An addictive endless left-right brain game


Flutter Youtube List From PHP - MySQL (using phpmyadmin)

Create a dynamic list of Youtube videos without api using php-mysql or json.



The evolution of insurance



DrugStars is a health app, helping people to manage their medication while adding their voice to the global movement toward "Patient Powered Pharmaceuticals."



An inspirational word generator for overcoming writer's block.



Fidmi. All food delivery options in one single place


Math Matrix

Simple math games to learn, improve you math skills. This game is easy to play and target everyone from kids to adults. Every level is design in a way to challenge your mind at every step.



INVICTOS facilita el aprendizaje colaborativo de estudiantes de todo el mundo.


Universal Facts

Universal Facts


Covid Shield

Corona Shield is an open sourced Corona Tracking Mobile Application with Back-end made by Amine Jafur with ♥ using Flutter, PHP, JS.



A Smartphone Customization App



A simple Card app of Developers

A open List of Open Source Apps made with Flutter where every one can contribute


Onboarding App

A useful UI Kit for developers and designers who want to kick start their app with a beautiful onboarding screen.


Flutter Login Catalog

Login Catalog is a useful app full of different Login and Registration Screens to help developers kickstart their apps faster.



Foodybite is beautifully crafted with flutter and love, a useful UI Kit for developers and designers who need food-related app design.



Control your localization of apps


HALBZEIT – Deine kostenlose Fußball Tippspiel App

Deine eigene Tippspiel App für dich und deine Freunde oder exklusiv für deine Firma. Mit allen Ligen und Turnieren. Ob Bundesliga oder Champions League, EM oder WM.


Smart Washing Machine App

Flutter UI Challenge app, which use Box2D physic engine



Serene is a white noise app developed with Flutter. It helps you meditate, sleep better, focus, relax and be calm.


Multipurpose Flutter Template based on Material Design

Ready-made Multipurpose Flutter Template based on Material Design Library for personal and commercial projects. All components and layouts based on the principles described by Google in Material Design Guidelines.


RE 紅包 (RE-Red Envelope)

No matter how you pay, we all give you up to 100% cashback


Fitness Dz

Fitness Dz is flutter application



Casual Jobs Search & Spotter, Attendance & Time Tracking App


The Unwanteds

The Unwanteds app is the Home for The Unwanteds Series and The Unwanted Quests!



Take time to breathe


Tally App

Tally is your portable loyalty card everywhere you go. Visit your favorite stores, check-in, and collect your rewards. You will be getting rewards for your visits to your favorite businesses.


Programming Hero

Master programming in a fun and interactive way. Never ever forget what you learn!


DevNews for DEV Community

DevNews is open source Flutter application that using api to fetch articles.


Kilma كلمة

Share stories, ideas, and experiences.



it’s an Azkar application that contains Dua’ taken from Quran and Hadith.


Open-Source News App built with Flutter

Flutter news app made with NewsApi Org


Moneypex - Free Accounting Software

Moneypex is free accounting software for small businesses to create invoices, track expenses, manage suppliers, scan documents and file their VAT returns.



Cumhuriyet News Application



A personal blog that includes technology articles


Prev app - habit tracking tool

Do you have habits that you tend to forget when you did them recently? It is important to use a simple tool to record them not to forget them.


Online Learning App

Flutter Online Learning App Concept



The fun habit-forming app for children. Fight cute monsters with the power of your good habits!


JusTerm - İngilizce Hukuk Sözlüğü

JusTerm is an English-Turkish terminology dictionary for legal professionals.


Air Quality Index

Display the quality of Air in your surroundings.



A Flutter app to help to understand covid-19 with live global and local states and A smart SOS feature with local indian helpline number


Flutter Healthcare App

Helthcare app built in flutter


Status Center

An app where you can manage your page with ease and on the go.


Art Master

The best way to master art

Create quiz, play them see detailed results and much more


Info Covid-19

Flutter's application that provides information about Covid-19 in Indonesia


The Secret Door - amazing travels!

By opening this secret door you can be anywhere in the world.


Coronavirus estadisticas

Estadisticas de Covid-19


AreaX - MVP - Telos Blockchain

AreaX is a game social network on Telos Blockchain



Enjoy podcasts with Tsacdop.


Fight Covid-19

An application with all sorts of data about COVID-19 and helpful information for users


Sanebrain: Simple Guided Meditation & Mindfulness

Starting meditation could be a daunting task. With SaneBrain, you simply count down from 100 when prompted. It's a simple step in the right direction of your journey into meditation.


EZ Radio

Free online radio app


Netflix Clone

Netflix Clone app built with Flutter



Four-in-a-row game in Flutter


HD Wallpapers

Never Seen HD & 4K Wallpapers with daily new updates



Corona news updates app ft live tracking, statistics and helplines built with flutter



Kolonya app protects you from viruses. :)


Flutter Awesome Gallery

Flutter Awesome Gallery showcasing apps and widgets built using Flutterframework


Klo-vid: Toiletpaper Calc & Panic Buyer Test

Check how long your toiletpaper stock lasts and if you're a panic buyer



Interactive map application for skateboarders


Gottask - Take notes and do

Gottask is an effective application that helps you list your to-do lists and reduce your dependency on smartphones. You can collect pokemon as a reward for your hard work!


Mensagem Amiga (Friendly Message)

Send messages of optimism to strangers and make someone special


Corona Virus Global Cases Info

Flutter Andriod app to track cases in each country for Corona Virus Covid-19


Manji - Kanji Study Made Easy

Manji is a simple yet elegant Japanese Kanji Dictionary.


Breathe: relax & focus

Relax, focus, and become stress-free with different breathing exercises



You can get information about the number of cases with this app of Covid-19.


Flutter Expansion View

A simple app for expansion view.


Flutter News UIKIT

The most complete Flutter News UiKit on CodeCanyon



Updated Stats, Latest News, Your Notes and Instructions on COVID19 in Afghanistan



Playing with life since 2002



A straight forward app to help you tracking tasks you made progress.


Time Merits (time banking app)

Time Merits is a time banking app, where you can easily trade your time with others ("sell" or "buy" minutes).


Screened - Movies & Series

Save your favorite movies and series & check current trends


deandreamatias - Mobile developer

Personal website of Matias de Andrea



An app that provides information on prevention methods and awareness over the Covid-19 pandemic.


Call to Action Podcast CTAP

Call to Action Podcast (#CTAP) -- Incredible Success Stories!


Readymade Grocery App

All in one solution for online Grocery Delivery System


Flutter Ecom App

Flutter Ecommerce App UI Design (OPEN SOURCE) (PWA)

Best app icon resizer for mobile developers



Awesome Checklists!


Evil Insults

Get Random Evil Insults


Cupertino StackView Flutter


Flutter Wallpaper App

Beautiful, Easy to Use Wallpaper App Made with Flutter & Pexels API


Flutter Draw Package

A beautiful drawing view for a your flutter application with single line of code.



Pyes helps students to set quiz and share with friend, to help them prepare effectively for exams.


Wormie Word Search

Fun and educational word searching game for kids.



An app made with Flutter to track COVID-19 case counts.



An notification app built with Firebase and Heroku



Do you always go for the same walks with your dog? Do you want to discover new walks but specifically adapted to dogs? The idea of ​​Play Dogs is to help and inform dog owners in various ways.


WhatsApp Unregistered Sender

Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving The Number


Mobile Banking App UI

A Mobile Banking app ui design in a neomorphism style.


Math Drills Pro

Math Drills Pro - Fun learning method with games


Smart Home App UI

A smart home app ui design in a neomorphism style.


Image color picker

Just provide Image either by assets/network/file and get colorCodes


Macro Calculator - Fat loss and muscle gain

A simple app that calculates macros and calories required.


Yugilator - Yugioh Calculator

A fast and simple calculator for Yugioh with Coin and dice functionality!



Find out more about your pictures than you can see at the first glance.


Coronavirus tracking tool

This web app can be used to track realtime coronavirus details for every country


GiveActions - Your daily impact

GiveActions is an application that allows you to plant trees, create nature reserves, help homeless people, but for free and in two minutes!


Auto Json to Dart Converter

Generate JSON to Dart and save it in folder json_to_dart on mobile



A working Twitter clone written in Flutter using Firebase auth,realtime database and storage.



Soccer Community: Join, Create, Control, Record & Other........



LatSet Mobile Application is fish, rice buying and selling application.


Responsive Portfolio Website

A responsive portfolio website developed with Flutter Web.



Spread Awareness and get the latest news as it happens with covid-19 Tracker(tojuwa).



Movie application for getting movie info.


Sign up with Email, Facebook, Google with Firebase

Sign up using Email, Facebook, Google with Firebase



Check if the item is edible for you by just taking a picture of the Ingredients.


Image editor pro

Image Editor Plugin with simple, easy support for image editing using Paints, Text, Filters, Emoji and Sticker like stories. To start with this, we need to simply add the dependencies in the gradle file of our app module like this



The sleek Fortnite companion app


Unforgettable: Explore Tanzania

Unforgettable: Explore Tanzania is the ultimate tourism app that is free, highly intuitive and has a attractive user-interface to give you an unforgettable experience while using it.



Spread Awareness with covid-19 Tracker not the panic.


Leaframe for Instagram - Simple Family Album

An invitation-only, private family album app. There are no SNS like features.


Flutter Card Carousel

A simple app to display card carousel



Simple app to help you generate random number and see the fact of this number from the internet



Studento is an O/A Level Student Assistant App that provides effortless access to past papers, syllabus, schedule, tasks, and more.

A platform for everything pet parents need!


Color App

Generate random colors


BPX App - Visit The Borderplex

"Visit the Borderplex" arrives to show that the richness of our region.



A screenshot organizer that finds your screenshot by searching its contents


Selenium Music Player

High-quality audio and real-time effects


When - Life in GIFS

The best place to share your everyday life with funny GIFS


Tipping by Alon Gruss

A simple tip calculator



Monitoring corona viruses


Fluent Guru

Learn new phrases, speak your new language confidently, practice at your own pace.


Flutter UI Login Screen

Complex UI Login Screen



Just a prototype of app UI.


Flavor Splash

Cocktails, Mocktails & Smoothies


Go Here - A place to travel in 10 sec ❤️

Go Here is the fastest way to find a place to travel. Grid-based navigation makes the search very easy! The app contains the most amazing places on our planet. You will find a catchy video, a short description of the place and a cheap ticket.


Homebox - Mua bán bất động sản Hà Nội

Homebox is a Vietnamese application about real estate



a simple app that let user know when sunset is on the go


Vega Embed For Flutter-Web

A web page showcasing Vega-Lite charts embedded in Flutter Web


HibiDo: To do list & Notes

HibiDo is an easy and simple to-do list, task manager, reminders & note taking app.


Fluxstore Shopify

Best Flutter E-commerce App Template for Shopify



A dynamic themed music player



Find about new place every week.


Yoga App

Simple Yoga workout app in Flutter


IPL Team Analysis

An App to see analysis of IPL 2019.



App for a community media station


Quiz App with Flutter

A Complete Quiz App with Flutter & Laravel Backend


Amazing Todo

If you use your email inbox as a master to-do list, this app is for you.


Korea Mask Finder

This Korean Mask Finder helps to search mask state in user location for korean


Mazi Flux

Flutter app template for News & Magazine


Math Drills

Math Drills Online Fun And Easy to Learning Math


Add Thumbnail Plugin Demo App

Plugin to fetch and display thumbnail from link.



All your passwords in one secure place



A simple app to help in monitoring coronavirus cases (COVID-19)


My Horoscope

Horoscope app with firebase integration built using flutter.



Arma tu propio cronograma de artistas en cada festival para disfrutar al máximo de tus favoritos y no perderte de nada.


RealWorld Flutter

RealWorld Flutter app using Flutter which connects to the api


Flutter Automatic Mail Sender

compose and send email with ease


Flutter Restaurants Web app Made with Flutter Web And Firebase

Responsive Restaurant App made with Flutter And Firebase with Admin Panel



DiceListView is simple dice app.


Stream Chat Flutter

Stream Chat official Flutter SDK. Build your own chat experience using Dart and Flutter.


Ecommerce App

E-Commerce app built in flutter


Flutter web portfolio

Responsive Portfolio made with flutter web


Zone Movies

Zone Movies lets you Watch trailers for upcoming films. Rate and review shows you’ve seen and track what you want to watch using your Watchlist.



Ujuzy is a platform that helps households and companies nationwide to find top rated, quality assured local service providers. The platform helps individuals and businesses utilize internet to find experts they want and services they need.


Currency Converter

Live exchange with easy to use material design interface


SRC - Social Responsibility Council - Srcouncil

Think Tank - performs research & advocacy on topics related to all social issues


Cheon Smart Planner

A Smart Study Planner & Revision app for students


Make My Day

An application that can be used as a central platform for managing your daily routines



A little app designed to make your lifestyle better!


Food Wallfy

Food Wallfy is a collection of food images.


Developers Life Demo

Mobile client to check funny GIF images about developer's life.



The BrokenLens community app. View leaderboards, statistics, games and more!


On-Demand Overdrive

New releases and actor/director notifications for Netflix UK



A 360-degree panorama widget for Flutter.


Release Date

Release Date for movies and games.


Tushar Nikam

Amazone Prime videos UI Clone


Assistant for No Man's Sky

Helps users with their journeys in No Man's Sky by providing information such as how an item is crafted, refine as well as many community suggested features



A Open-Source News Mobile App build with Flutter SDK and GetFlutter UI Library.


Meu Ônibus SP (My Bus SP)

Shows the location of all buses on their ordinary routes


Smart Course

Smart course app built in flutter.


Rick and Morty Flutter App

All your Rick and Morty TV Show Data in One Place!


Yaari Cabs

Yaari Cabs is a Fleet service app designed and developed in Flutter, Currently available in India



A cloud-based mobile job app to revolutionize the hiring process in Cambodia.



Share files with any device via Wi-Fi or Tethering


القرآن الكريم

The Noble Qur’an - Hafs from Asim [Arabic Edition] without internet access


IMei Black Market Validator

Smartphone IMEI Validator from Black Market in Indonesia


Nabila Math Game

Simple Math Game for Kids build with Flutter



My Todo

A flutter app which manages your todos.


Fluxstore Listing

The Best Directory WooCommerce app by Flutter



One of the best Flutter mobile App Template for Wordpress.



Play All Video In The World!



KeepMeSafe (with COVID-19 key data)



Change the way you share... by a bonfire.



Play some games to put your memory to test!


Fluxstore Multi Vendors

A Multi-Vendor WooCommerce app which mainly focusing to support building the marketplace business.



IoC container with Dagger like abstractions (dependency injection with Components, SubComponents, Modules), supports components collaboration, singletons, tagging.



Consult the balance and top-ups of your PasseFácil Digital Transport Voucher in a simplified way!



Incentivize Healthy Activities that can change someone’s life and earn rewards from friends for completing challenges.



Bodhisatva Calendar in Regional Language (Marathi in India)


Inspr - Inspirational Quotes

A very simple app with 1.7K+ inspirational quotes


Flutter App Landing Page

App Landing page made with Flutter


Dart Tutorial

Learn Dart In arabic


SkyDragon Antiques Platform

Help Antiques collector to arrange their collections, bring them to anywhere with the phone, ask expert for appraisal, and even sale them to other collectors.


Japlan - Japan Travel Guide

Japlan is a comprehensive Japan travel guide.


Flutter Login Signup

Basic login and signup screen designed in flutter


Wallpapers from Pexels

Wallpaper app using Flutter



Discover new artists, albums and playlists on Spotify with Freshify


Flutter Gwalior Website (Not Official)

Flutter Gwalior website is made with flutter


Gradients Bazaar

Like Gradients but never know the perfect combinations?, I am happy to announce the launch of Gradient Bazaar


Tinder Gold Redesign

Here’s a Tinder Gold redesign concept for the popular dating app.


Shoopy - Invoice, manage inventory & sell online

Shoopy helps local retailers in managing(invoicing, billing & inventory) their shop easily. Be it tracking the sale of the week, new customers in a week, products/items sold etc.


Inspired Monster- Portfolio website

This is a portfolio website for a UI/UX designer written in pure Flutter.


AbhiBus - Bus, IRCTC Train, Rental & Hotel Booking

With more than 5 Million downloads, AbhiBus is the most user-friendly app for Bus Tickets, IRCTC Train Tickets, Rentals and Hotel room bookings in India


Flutter Taxi App

An open source Taxi Booking app built with flutter using Bloc pattern



Interactive Text-based Photo-Sharing App


Flutter Music Player UI

A Material designed music player developed in Flutter.


Quiz Application

Test your knowledge with Quiz app


Chinese Challenges

A quiz app for Chinese learners



Disposable camera app that delivers photo prints to your address


Congressos Ser Educacional

Schedule for conferences organized by Grupo Ser Educacional



Free GSM Collision Warning for real aviation


Blog App

This is a Blog App developed with Flutter Framework and Dart programming language for storing and editing your blogs.


Debt Diary

Track and Save Your Debt Partner


What I Do Today

Record all activity with your voice



Protect Your Business with Secure Team Chat & File Sharing



Buddyweb est une agence web spécialisée dans le développement d'application web et mobile



DPLYR is a free web deployment tool.


Youbahn – Jobs like you

Youbahn is the app for student work with which you immediately earn extra money. Direct access to student work in various branches in your area.


Worddio: Vocabulary builder

Worddio - Learn on the go! Audio flashcards: 34 foreign languages 270 000+ words pronounced by natives


PainLog - migraine, pain and medication tracker

PainLog is a super easy app for migraine, pain and medication tracking and reporting


Four In A Row - Classic

Play the classic '4 In A Row' board game on your phone or tablet!


Listar Flux

Flutter app template for classified directory listing industry


Crop Demo

App to showcase crop package for Flutter.


Flutter Europe

Your companion app at the Flutter Europe conference



App for Real Estate Business Template.


Fitwill: Fitness Plans For Gym & Home with advanced logging

Gym log, workout tracker, challenge tracker and fitness trainer.


Working Time Alert

Never miss the time to go home.


2048 Game

The famous 2048 Game for Web and Mobile


Binary Clock

A clock showing 24 hour in binary format


Doctorweb Solutions (P) Ltd.

DoctorWeb Solutions Website & Mobile App Development Company|| Website Development at Affordable Pricing||We Develop 100% Fast & Secure Applications||Services: Android App Development, iOS App Development, E-commerce App Development


Juit Now

Juit Now offers balanced delicious meals at work, directly from your Juit Now freezer.



Read the world's latest stories in 9-second articles in real time. No BS. No Bias.



Bloon is a mobile application that list all night clubs and events in Paris and recommend you according to your personnalized profile. Bloon organize your party into one click.



A Note Taking App built on top of Git


TV Randshow

App to choose a random TV show episode



Open Source Podcast app for your Show



Zebr is a interesting Gomoku game .



Brazilian app for students of computer science



A simple, easy to use one to one messaging application


Arro Coffee

Coffee Dir of Hong Kong



Measure any tempo, like a song's rhythm, in beats per minute (BPM)


Share Link Generator

Create Facebook share links, Twitter "tweet this" links, LinkedIn share links


WhatsApp Link Generator

Quickly generate a personalized WhatsApp link with a predefined message and share it with your audience on your Social Networks!



A Simple, beautiful and elegant Photo and Text merging app


Chat GUI

An inspiration from the chat application


Adopt a Pup

Adopt a Pup is a mobile app developed to help stray or homeless dogs in Sri Lanka get adopted.


Flutter Liquid Swipe

Liquid Swipe Animation is Inspired by Cuberto


Flutter Portfolio

A simple Portfolio app.



Locativity gives you the best available location, based on the geolocation data of all location providers available at the moment including GPS and WiFi.


Daily Inspirational Quotes

Get Inspirational Quotes


Frontale Together

Japanese football club: Kawasaki Frontale unofficial fan app.



Shortcuts for Trello


Easy Fasting

Easy fasting app with flutter



Wallpapers from Reddit.


نُور | Noor

يضم تطبيق نُور العديد من الأذكار والأدعية الواردة في كتاب حصن المسلم للشيخ سعيد بن علي بن وهف القحطاني.


Flutter Cube

Flutter Cube - 3D object file renderer


Bluer for Facebook - Dark Themed

A Privacy-Focused Dark Themed Facebook App Experience!


99 newspaper

99 NewsPaper offers Daily News Papers, Live News and News websites. Users can read and download their Regional Daily News Papers published daily as E-Paper.


Learn Python: Programiz

Swipe, Learn, Repeat. Learning Python has never been easier.


Beerstory – My beer library

Save your favorite beers and find them back instantly !


App Screenshot Mockup Generator 3D & Picture Maker

Create high quality smartphone mockup screenshots in 3D, easily and very fast


BMI Calculator

Calculate Your Body Mass Index, save the information and view the history.


Flippy Card

Improve your memory with this fun card game!



Flutter Earth



This project is a chat based application for elderly people to make access of youtube videos, calling (audio/video) easier through a single click of a button.


Compound Interest Calculator

Application that calculates the future value of an investment over a period of time



Beautiful, free images and photos. Unsplash Client App



This project is a smart tourism application, which focuses on getting users their preferred destinations and hotels in their budget.



Creating Code Screenshots Made Easy on Mobile 📱



Flutter Sports Application



TicTocToe Game



Another client for Reddit, but this time, it's not just a client. It's a different way of browsing photos, GIFs, memes and other things there!