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Kunstmaan Pointer App    Tools

This is the app for Kunstmaan I Accenture Interactive. Get to know your colleagues. Let them find out where you are.

As a tryout with Flutter, Google's new mobile UI framework, an internal app for the Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive offices was developed. It includes Slack sign-in, user generated content, and positioning features using Bluetooth beacons.

The serverless architecture was achieved with Firebase, using Cloud Firestore as the database model. All data from Firestore is streamed to the device, resulting in constant real-time updates. Firebase Authentication is used together with Slack sign-in, Firebase Storage for managing user-generated content such as profile pictures and kudo's, and Firebase Functions (together with Firebase Cloud Messaging) are used for triggering push notifications and syncing our user database with Slack. Lastly, Firebase Analytics are implemented as well.