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mAIro: AI Generated Art    Art & Design

AI generated paintings inspired by the greatest painters in history
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Artificial Intelligences are increasingly capable of more things. However, how far can they go, can they create art on their own?

With this App you can be the owner of works of art created by a very special AI. Our AI is called mAIro and has studied in detail the style of the greatest painters. It is able to create unpublished paintings in a totally automaton way contributing his own "personal" touch.

The operation is simple, mAIro will paint pictures for you until you find the painting that you like. Each work is unique and once you choose it only you will have it.

This App is an example of Generative Art in its maximum exponent, each painting is created from scratch by mAIro. We use machine learning techniques to train their skills which implies that their paintings will evolve over time, just as the paintings of the greatest painters did.