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My Trail (Meu Rastro)    Tools

An application for you to register geographic coordinates where you've been.
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You know when you go somewhere interesting, then you do not remember well where it was? Or when you leave the car parked somewhere and then not know how to get back to the site? Or visited a client who took him to another place and then you have no idea where he was?

So, this application aims to allow you to quickly select the geographic coordinates of where you are at any given time, with some quick text you write at the time, very quickly. Then whenever you want, just look at history and at the track the day, time and desired note, tap the geographic location icon on the map to see the location of the site previously registered.

Ideal for tourists register where the hotel, the park, parking, restaurant and all the places you have been and you might want to return later.

It's also great for backpackers, cyclists and the like, who want to register passed by and have a marked location.