An open list of apps built with Flutter
Feel free to add an app in progress and update it when it goes live



Multi Teams Launcher

Open multiple instances of Microsoft Teams



Allowance uses a calculator-like interface to let you track your spending habits in a unique and simple way. Discover a budget that works for you and narrow down extra spending habits.


Habit frogs

Habit Frogs is a simple habit trackers with frogs as a reward



AI companion for journaling and note-taking. Declutter your mind, boost focus, and increase productivity.


Budget With Chippy

Chippy is a cash-based budget planning app for creating an intentional budget without tracking income and expenses.


Factify Facts

Unleash Your Curiosity - Fun, Amazing & Interesting Facts



Enhance your task management with captivating animations and seamless design



Real-time color exploration and learning at your fingertips



OneSplit makes splitting bills a breeze



Enhance your Expertise.



The unified control tower for all your Saas tools! Buzz is the menu bar app that keeps everything from pull requests in Github to calendar events in one place for quick overview, fast access and zero context switching.



Your little parking assistant that makes life easier



Linux dashboard. Monitoring Linux resources.



Create, save and download your resume online.


CZ Radio

Listen to your favourite Czech radio stations from all over the world!


SK Radio

Experience the best of Slovak music, news, and entertainment anytime, anywhere with our easy-to-use app for streaming live online radio stations from across Slovakia.



Free Instant Collaborative Whiteboard



Learn English with supporting of GPT AI language model.



BlueBubbles is a cross-platform app ecosystem, bringing iMessage to Android, Windows, Linux, and Web!



One of the products of the Saudi Spine Society to educate the public about diseases of the spine.


Qui Veut Réussir Le Bac

An app that provides a fun and enjoyable method for third-year secondary students to prepare for the Algerian baccalaureate.


Loop Messenger

The ultimate solution for group messaging that's less noisy and more organized. Say goodbye to hijacked conversations, endless chat streams, and constant notifications.


المدينة القديمة

The Old City application is a service application that aims to revive the Aleppo heritage and the affected areas


Steuertipps - Die App für deine Steuererklärung

Diese Steuer-App ist ideal geeignet für Berufseinsteiger, Auszubildende, Studenten und Personen, die bisher noch keine Steuererklärung gemacht haben.


Haiku Lens

Turn your photos into haikus: Take a photo and get a video with a haiku poem using AI


Flutter Air Jordan Shoes App

Flutter application for air Jordan shoes e-commerce


Flutter Books

Flutter Books Shadowed Images


Dream11 Clone APP Development

Fantasy Sports Arena: Dream 11 Clone - A Promising Business Venture



Keep Your Lone Workers Safe and Secure with Innovative Solutions and App



Multi-model meteogram, weather forecast at a glance


How Old Am I?

This flutter project allows users to input their birthdate (day, month, year) and calculates their age in years, months, and days. The project is open source and can be used as a template for similar age calculator apps.


Outfit Tracker

Outfit Tracker is an app that helps you track what you wear, when you wore it, and who saw you in it.


Home Gym Deals

Best place to find deals on home gym equipment



The largest podcasting platform in the Arab World. Listen to and create podcasts on the go.


Snipd | Smart Podcast App

Discover & Save Highlights from Podcasts



🧮🚀 Challenge your math skills with a wide variety of challenges! Mathquiz offers an infinite level quiz involving additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions.


Glyf - 3D Design And Art

Easily Create 3D Designs, Posters, Logos using 3D Models, Fonts and Templates



Mindmapping for Flows


Silkroutech - Desuvit Technologies

Silkroutech is a Fintech Mobile app developed by Desuvit .


Nono Battle - Think fast, Solve faster

The goal of the game is to solve a nonogram faster than your opponent


Todo Elixir

Use Todo Elixir to keep track of yours todos. No ads. No microtransactions. No tracking.


Find That Photo : Photo Search

Easily find Images from your gallery by searching them



Discover fascinating new facts with just a swipe! Our app lets you browse through 7500+ trivia nuggets, save and share your favorites, and even customize the background. Start expanding your knowledge today!


Research Core

Browse, Bookmark and Download Open Access Research Papers


Astro - Tarot card reading

Tarot card reading and daily horoscope


Yubico Authenticator

The safest authenticator app experience across mobile and desktop



FinZi es la billetera para jóvenes colombianos, con la que aprenderás a manejar tu dinero de forma inteligente, fácil y rápido desde tu celular.


Tessa - Riding Assistant

Organize your life with your horse, simple and clear.


Sudoku: Classic sudoku game

Challenge your brain with the classic game of Sudoku!



Dora is a nocode design platform to create outstanding websites with complex animation and interactive 3D. And we are currently the ONLY design tool that can perform 3D interaction without coding



Companion app for headphones



A marketplace app that has cheaper fees than Mercari, Etsy, and Ebay!


Billed - Invoicing Solution

Invoicing Solution for Small Businesses



A tool to help you build stories


Elan Valley Explorer

Your ideal companion for your visit to the Elan Valley



📃 A Fully-functional Restaurant Menu Flutter App - Yummify (MVVM Clean Architecture + Stacked + Stacked Hooks + Json API)



An ancient board game


Stift: The Calendar for Tablets

Use your tablet pen the way it should be used: Draw your appointments instead of typing them.


Who Said That?

A game where friends ask questions and guess whose answer is whose.



The TikTok of games. Scroll instantly through all community games and create your own easily.



Poker tracking app


Flixa - Download and Share

Download videos from your preferred social media.

AI generated summaries of trending topics on Twitter


Niaje - AI Voice Assistant

Niaje answers all questions you have on anything!



All Your Groups in One Spot


Solitaire Billionaire

A classic Klondike Solitaire experience just for you to relax and unwind.


Sounds: Sleep, Meditate, Relax

Sounds is a safe place to be when you need to relax, meditate, focus or sleep.



🏆🥇 Tiaco : Online Multiplayer is one of the best puzzle games in the market. 🥇🏆


VSCode theme based portfolio website

Portfolio website built using Flutter



Effective Strength Training for Tactical (Military/Law Enforcement) Athletes


ApeX Pro: Trade Crypto

Permissionless Derivatives DEX



WiTZ - HALF TO FULL, WHIZ WILL RULE! - is a smart reinvention of Reversi. Playing with a set of four 2-color square discs makes this familiar game tough to master


RentALL - Airbnb Clone App

RentALL is a pertfect peer-to-peer rental marketplace solution for startups and small businesses.



Draw system based on client-server model designed to mitigate cheating



"pronunciation app" is a fun educational game for learning English pronunciation!



A Flutter Travel Application


Zee Library - 50,000+ Free eBooks

Read thousands of bestselling books.


Hello World Counters

My first Hello World Flutter app: An easy to use tally counter app for Android, with multiple color counters.


Linked Words

Connect the letters blocks to find all the words related to the picture


haley: Self-Care & Journal

The therapist recommended resource for mental health content reinvented into a mobile app. haley has more than 1000+ pieces of mental health content created by clinicians plus journaling, emotion and feelings trackings.


Sinnoor C | Portfolio

A aesthetic portfolio made using flutter 💙


Weekday Counters

A Hello World app with easy-to-use counters for each day of the week.


Let's I Ching

"Let's I Ching" is a simple but complete free I Ching Android app. Try to focus on a question to ask and toss coins to obtain the divination results. You will be surprised how accurate the I Ching tell you.


momentory - mindful journaling

Mindful journaling made easy



Cross-platform utilities for developers.


Best Solution

A marketplace for productivity apps and a platform to support aspiring entrepreneurs.



Gaming UI Made In Flutter for Android & iOS.



Astro-COLIBRI allows professional and amateur astronomers to keep track of the latest transient astrophysical events.


Push Press For gym members

PushPress is the gym software that keeps both members and staff happy



A personal diary application that supports rich text editor, cloud backup, fingerprint login.


Workout Planner

This app is a workout planner that helps you log and track your workouts progress.


Rhythm Game Nagesen Idol

A rhythm game made in Flutter! Songs from various genres such as EDM, Future, Pop, Rock, Funk and more!



AI powered Design to Flutter code converter



Waste Recycling Application



We are making a social network for gamers. Where all esports lovers had the opportunity to follow the latest news and moments from the life or career of people who are professionally engaged in this or have a reputation.


Pro Pick'em

The #1 App for Office Football Pools - Pick'em, Survivor, & Fantasy Sportsbooks


WooberlyPharmacy - Medicine delivery app

WooberlyPharmacy is a ready-to-deploy app solution for startups to enter the growing on demand pharmacy delivery industry.


Wooberly SuperDelivery - Multi service app

Wooberly SuperDelivery is a single app on demand delivery solution for the customers to on-demand delivery of everything they want. Whether it is food delivery or grocery delivery at any time, this app handles everything that might deliver.


WooberlyGrocery - Grocery Delivery Script

The all-in-one grocery delivery script to launch your online startup.


RentALL Space - Space Rental Script

Connect the dots of space owners and customers by building a simple peer-to-peer venue space rental marketplace.


RentALL Cars - Car Rental Script

Launch your dream rental business with our advanced car rental script.


Time To Train (TTT) - Workout Tracker App

Track and Manage Your Workouts, Simple & Intuitive Workout Tracking App.


Photon - cross-platform file transfer

Photon is a cross-platform file-transfer application built using flutter. It uses http to transfer files between devices.You can transfer files between devices that run Photon.(No wifi router is required ,you can use hotspot)


Let's Tarot

Looking for support? Want some insight about your destiny? Facing a crisis about your relationship? "Let's Tarot" is a guidance and inspiration to know more about your destiny and life.


Virtual key

We are working on QR lock opened by mobile app.


FTP Games

An Free to Play games app


Bamboo VPN

Bamboo VPN is Free and unlimited VPN Master,


Deriv P2P

A convenient, secure P2P service for Deriv clients to make deposits/withdrawals.


Open Food Facts

Find food that's good for you and the planet, and help build food transparency


Send to Me

The new form of socialization. anonymously.


Quran app

The Quran app is an App for reading and listening to the holy book of Muslims.


Colors AI

Open Source color scheme generator that uses deep learning from Colormind and Huemint APIs 🤖 UI is made with Material Design 3 (Material You).



Aumenta la productividad de tus cultivos y aplica buenas prácticas agrícolas usando Agriconecta la aplicación que viene a renovar la agricultura.


Nepali Ukhan

1000s of Nepali Ukhans (Proverbs) with meanings, translations, and much more....



Send files to any device from anywhere (iOS, macOS, Android, Windows)



A Fullstack Discord Clone where you can chat with your friends.


GamerCoins - Free Game Codes

Get Free Game Codes & Rewards for the Games You Love!



Smart home app concept


tankste! - Deine Tankpreis App

Mit der tankste! App findest du den günstigsten Tankpreis in deiner Nähe.



Food cost saving app


jgKintai - work management

An attendance management application that requires neither cloud nor login.


Streaming team assistance

The right communication tool for media production with 0 noise.


Spooky - Write Story & Diary

Minimalist application to write story, note, todo, journal & diary, etc.


Instant Quotes

Over 800,000 offline quotes.


ScrollWatch: Movies & TV Guide

Browse through millions of movies & tv shows, explore new, trending, popular and top rated titles.



Find exercises, muscle targets and equipment


Generation 2

Simple, Secure, Reliable Private Messaging app with Modern UI


qlm app

‏تطبيق قلم. بيت الكُتّاب وأريكة القرّاء


حزر اللغز - فكها وحلها

لعبة فك اللغز تحتوي على العديد من المراحل والكثير من الألغاز الصعبة


Board Games Companion

Manage your board games collection, browse for any game and track game plays


FluxStore BigCommerce

Create native Apps for your BigCommerce website. You also can use the drag&drop FluxBuilder tool for free to customize easily the Design of your app without re-publishing to App Stores.


Blabliblu : 3 smiles a day

Blabliblu is a simple and safe gratitude journal



Daily Task App


HabitGuru - Habit Tracker

Build good habits, crush bad habits



Social Media App for Creating, Sharing & Monetizing Creative Content


Customize Q&A

Users can create new questions and answers, customize questions and answers, and the scores are calculated by the system.


Flutter in-context localization

Localization of Flutter app in a real-time using in-context editing


BuildTrack Home

'BuildTrack Home' is a App that is part of the BuildTrack™ brand of high quality smart home automation products offered by Surmount Energy Pvt. Ltd.



Currency converter that supports expressions


GamerPower - Free Games & Giveaways

Get free games, beta keys and in-game loot! Track, Collect, Repeat!



Echauffes toi, tu rentres.



A map-based, payment-transparent dating app


Ox Street

Shop and sell the sneakers you want all across Asia. Guaranteed authentic and hassle-free.



HADWIN is a prototype of a fund transfer app


Frosty for Twitch

The true Twitch chat experience with support for BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ, and 7TV emotes!



TQDR Pay system


Tadawl real-estate Flutter App

Real Estate Flutter Tadawl App



The worlds best Crossfit workout tracking and community app


Purple Diary

Purple Diary is a minimalistic app for keeping a personal diary, notes.



E-Commerce App for Sneakers


Philosophy Quotes

Quotes about the greatest philosophers, extremely accurate.



Ranked choice voting



The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie so you don't miss the best scenes.




Nanny+ facilite la saisie des données, le suivi des heures travaillées, la facturation, et la comptabilité des nounous.



Drum Practice Diary to structure and improve your Drumming Skills!


Monkoodog For Business

Are you a VET or a business owner providing Dog grooming, Walking, and training services but worried about getting more customers? Relax! Monkoodog Business listing App is here to help you with all your Pet business marketing problems.


Monkoodog PetCare App

A first-time dog owner and worried about good parenting? Don't worry Monkoodog is here to hold your hand and guide you through this maze called parenting.


Intui: Find Family & Friends

Intui is a location sharing app that helps you keep an eye out for your family


Liftbear Workout Tracker

A modern and elegant workout tracking app


Quote Maker - Quotes Creator

Quote Maker/Creator is one of the most addictive writing platforms, for quotes, shayari, poetry, short stories


Asma Ul Husna (99 names of Allah)

99 names of Almighty Allah


Geo Measure Area Calculator

The geo measure area calculator is an excellent GPS field area map measurement tool an app. it helps you greatly in measuring anywhere, while you are traveling someplace if you want to calculate the distance between two points and cities. It is a bri



Disrupting the chicken society through decentralization


notes - Simple note taking app

Store simple notes, sheets and tasks in your device!



Watch and Listen anything, anywhere, anytime


Hotel Booking for WordPress

Manage your hotel business on the go with the mobile app from MotoPress.


DealsFidners App

DealsFinders - Deal Hunting App


Shuffle My Life

Activities to brighten your day!


Tata Neu-rewarding experiences

Get exclusive offers on brands like bigbasket, 1mg, Tata CLiQ, Croma, and IHCL hotels, along with easy UPI payments


Kotak Neo: Stocks, Demat & IPO

One of the finest stock trading apps for Indian markets


Good Vibes

Good Vibes is a mood tracker with inspiration quote rewards for logging your mood.


Uni Cards

The Pay 1/3rd Revolution is here.


Coin by Zerodha

Buy direct mutual funds online, commission-free, delivered directly to your Demat account.


Kite by Zerodha

Our ultra-fast flagship trading platform with streaming market data, advanced charts, an elegant UI, and more.



Rewards for paying credit card bills.


Freo Save - Mobile Banking

Freo Save account holders do not need to visit a physical branch


OpenAPI Mobile Client

The mobile application for performing HTTP requests to the services that support OpenAPI interface


ABOUT YOU Fashion Online Shop

The ABOUT YOU app is a high-performance e-commerce app offering a best in class personalized shopping experience to over 10M users around the world.


Date Countdown

An app for keeping track of the days since or until a given date.


NiyoX - Digital Banking

Decode banking with NiyoX Bank Account in Partnership with Equitas Small Finance Bank, 0 Balance Savings Account, 0% Commission on Mutual Funds, 7% Interest* p.a. on your Savings, No wonder some call it “007 banking”!


Slice: Credit Card Challenger

India’s best credit card challenger. Shop anywhere and slice all your bills over 3 months without any extra charges.


World Heritage Walking Steps

Steps Counter - Pedometer App



ASMR audio streaming


Crypto Please

Mobile cryptowallet for Solana


Motiv - Inspirational Quotes

Daily motivation for self-love, inspiration, wellness, self-care, and gratitude


SpeedyVPN - Easy, Secure VPN

The fast, secure, and easy way to protect your Internet freedom. Get SpeedyVPN


Yuri Dictionary

Get everything you need from a dictionary app with the new Yuri Dictionary. This free offline dictionary explains the meaning of English words, definitions and many more.



Capitán es una app en el que podrás encontrar toda la información de canchas como: disponibilidad, horarios, precios, ubicación y resultados de las ligas de fútbol de tu interés.



💚Amazing magical doodle drawing game provide a creative doodle world for you 🖌💛🌸💚


Reactor Wallet

Non-custodial wallet for Solana Blockchain



Wealth management is moving in a new direction. We want everyone to keep up.



Adherer is a free instant video conferencing platform


One Page

Clone of bootstrap template


Flutter WordPress Podcast

Podcast white label app based on Wordpress API using Flutter framework


Tailor Book

A Tailor Book app developed with flutter and firebase for Tailor's to Store their Customer's measurements records.


Smart CSV Viewer: Smart Tables

Easy to explorer your csv files. Generate pdf/chart, filter and more



Hvr blends the freedom of surfing with the pulse of social to make the web more useful and fun. Discover, share, and discuss the web all in one place with Hvr, a new way of surfing that’s social.



SpeedyBuy is Support Local Vendors and Businesses


Brick Breaker

Classic brick ball breaker game



VAZZLE your friends with Emojis and Gifs


Quizzy App

Simple quizz app with code source available to anyone who wants to add some features



App for football fans



Simple music player for dancers



A game to discover about A Coruña in Galicia


Hacki - Hacker News reader

Hacki is just a Hacker News reader


Cheerly - Daily Positivity

Self-Care Toolkit with all you need to live your best!



Krinux is a modern web app to discover cryptocurrencies, inspect historical data and test simple trading strategies


Rescue Domains

Thousands of domain names expire every day, rescue them with our search engine



find hostels, book online instantly and stay comfortable



Ktracker - Track the Figure


iKow Oficina virtual

Simplifica tu vida, Simplifica tu empresa con Oficina Virtual



Your photos organized



Spittin' is a drop in audio podcasting app where users come to spend a good time.


Firebase Riverpod Authentication

Firebase Authentication but using Riverpod and Flutter


Twitter Clone

Twitter Clone made using Flutter Firebase and Riverpod



The app to quit smoking recommended by the WHO



Foodlz - Order food online for delivery or pickup!



#CreatedWithMapwallpaper Love Cartography? Love Snazzy Custom Wallpapers? You'll love Mapwallpaper! Mapwallpaper is a Free Application which provides you the platform to design Map Wallpaper for your phone .



Flustr - Battle friends in a live, short-form video game where spectators control the outcome!


Flatify - Organize your shared flat easily!

Chores, split expenses, shopping list, for your shared flat, family or as a couple.


Kurdish Localizations

Flutter Kurdish Localization


Tic Tac Toe Super Warriors

Play Tic Tac Toe with three size tiles and 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 boards.



An open source webcomic reader and tracker for Android and iOS (soon)



Stocks, Research, News, and Memes


Exabox – Essential tools for developers

exabox is a set of 30+ essential tools for developers.



Habit Tracker & Accountability Partners



A timetable utility app for students to view their college/school schedule



Web Portofolio Using Flutter


The Clues - Crossword Puzzles

A modern crossword puzzle game.


Tips by Virtunus

Tips by Virtunus is a Personal growth platform where you will get the best tips/ guidances in a readily actionable format, from experts around the world, for every area of life.



Find Your Best Healthcare Professional



A highly versatile and modular framework enabling language-agnostic immersion learning on mobile.



Simple & Libre Temporary File Uploader



Send any image from your phone to your Lume Pad and it's automatically converted to 3D



The simplest and complete GST calculator app


GRE Flashcards

Enrich your English vocabulary with easy-to-remember mnemonic tricks and sentences


Risco Cero

This app is intended to young people (16+) that can have risky sex relations to prevent STD and also unintended pregnancy.


Wibty - Social Network

Wibty - National social network of Azerbaijan


ReFlix - HD 4K Wallpapers

Astonishing Collection of Retouched 4K and HD Wallpapers


Weight Tracker - No Ads

Lose weight and check weight loss with Simple Weight Tracker



repoline turns the public repositories of the github user into a timeline.



Simply beautiful or beautifully simple OTP generator.


Join Events

Join Events- Events App In Flutter For iOS & Android



World's first IoT Kendama Have fun, build skills and compete globally!



Control your breathing during meditation.



Just call your baby.


Flutter Gradient Generator

Online tool for generating linear and radial gradient code for use in Flutter applications.



An Intuitive, Seamless and Efficient Approach trusted by Thousands of Students to Calculate their Cut-Off Points. The Calcut App enables any Ugandan Student planning to join University (Campus) to calculate their Cut-off points (Academic Weights).



MOMO BOARD let you instantly create your own community message board for free.


ChordMixer - easy composition

ChordMixer app provides you with a way of becoming a great composer


Xdrop - Offline File Transfer app

Cross Platform File Transfer App. You can now airdrop between Android - Windows - iOS - MacOS



It's Mi card Ui application


I am rich

It's I am rich application



UnstuQ takes the emotion out of group decision-making by making it fun, fast and enjoyable