An open list of apps built with Flutter
Feel free to add an app in progress and update it when it goes live



Tasting Coffee

Explore and taste a coffee roaster


Expense and EMI Tracker

Keep track of your Expenses and at the same time manage your EMI billings in one single app.



The Sawayo employee app - simple time tracking & compliance management for every company.



Carpooling diario para empresas y particulares


IQ Test - Score Me

This application will help you to know your real IQ level


ToDO App using Redux + Hive

Flutter + Redux + Redux Epics + Hive


Lazım Olur

Items you don't use will need someone now



Progress - An app to monitor time


Buks - Ebooks

A Better way to discover books. Get instant and free access to more than 60'000 ebooks.



Connect to compatible people. Create talents, sports, jokes , comedy shows , challenges and love cards.



Taking notes watching YouTube!



CloudFit is a digital workout display system for gyms


Chinese Writer

Learn to write Chinese the fun way



Planning together and reach consensus fast, it just got easier.


Workout Timer

Workout Timer is an intuitive & minimalistic Ad-free HIIT & Tabata Timer.



A redesign of the classic 2048 game to challenge you in a new and exciting way!


Egyptian Pyramids

A logical game with words finding.


Jobs Flutter

Jobs for Flutter Developers by Flutter Developers



Home Services



outRise is the best way to find, create, and share life's experiences and adventures.



Alternative to Twitter


Hippie Quest

A Self-Improvement Space Odyssey


Fanatics Fantasy MMA

Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts



Powerful chaos management planner with tones of features and functions. It helps to plan and work efficiently


Social Network UI Made In Flutter

Social Network UI Made In Flutter


My Blog

This App convert the WordPress website to Flutter App in Android, lets fun how your WordPress website will look like in Android App.



Track your net worth


Prospector Mobile App

Get your sales leads fast and on the go!


Business Name Chooser

Find the best business name at your fingertips!


Shopping Page UI In Flutter For Android & iOS

Shopping Page UI In Flutter For Android & iOS


Body Language

Research based body language and micro expressions guide


Shopping With Checkout App Made In Flutter For Android & iOS

Shopping With Checkout App Made In Flutter For Android & iOS


Finance App UI Template Made In Flutter For Android & iOS

Finance App UI Template Made In Flutter For Android & iOS


App Icon Tools

Simple GUI for preview and generation of (launcher/desktop) app icons made in Flutter.



Local Network Search Tool


T2QR - QR Code Generator & Reader

T2QR is a free app that specializes in generating QR codes.


Grocery UI Template App In Flutter

Grocery UI Template App In Flutter For Android & iOS


Voice Changer and Recorder

Have fun listening to your modified voice!


Login SignUp UI In Flutter

Login SignUp UI Made In Flutter


Dungeon Masters

A completely unique and free online RPG game, in your pocket!


Travel App UI In Flutter

Travel App UI In Made In Flutter



Find interior products that match your style with the help of Machine Learning


Inspiring Quote

Flutter app with google AdMob example Inspiring quote every day.


Simple Flutter Quotes App

Simple Random Quotes Application


Telemonitoraggio Salute

Devices connessi con la piattaforma Visitami e Paginemediche


Venda (

Venda is a location-based business platform that enables people to discover businesses around them. With Venda, you can sell or buy goods and services from vendors nearby.



Create Wishlists. Save your wishes. See what your friends wish for.


Quote of the day

Inspiring Quote of the day


Workforce Management Software

Misentinel offers free cloud-based workforce management (WFM) software that manages Employee Scheduling, Reporting, Tracking and Lone Worker Safety.



A clean, interactive, slick todo app



Best Selling UberEats Clone Solution



Don't let them wait for you!


bites. - Social Media for Food Lovers

A social media app for all food lovers.



Resony is your personal guide to reduce stress, anxiety by building positive resources for resilience



Introducing Huntr - A clean and beautiful client for Product Hunt



Sialia a beautiful Twitter client



Improvised photo contests, Scrape your imagination



Your Missing Information Forum


Glider for Hacker News

Glider is an opinionated Hacker News client. Ad-free, open-source, no-nonsense.


Lesson Note

Easily manage lesson and payment day that are easy to confuse after time passes



Manage all your bookmarks & notes in one place! Flutter eCommerce UI Kit Flutter eCommerce UI Kit can make a developer’s life easier.



Hostel booking marketplace app in Ghana



YouSave is a loyalty program - free for members. No fee required.


Langful World

Learn foreign vocabulary for 32 languages using your own pictures



Octo Job Search

Octo Job Search app is a job search app built in flutter framwork. It uses Github Jobs data to display jobs



Owingly - Manage All Your Owings



HesapMatik v2.0



Create Todo list and take some important notes to help you be more productive.



Connect with Kozzet to Order Services





Manqoos Mawlid

Manqoos mawlid app with Kannada & English translation & recitation


TABI de Log

This is a photo album app to record your travel memories for each pref in Japan.



Github mobile app built in flutter framwork.



Flutter application that changes your todo list as your wallpaper.


Flutter Shape Maker

Flutter Shape Maker auto-generates Responsive code for Flutter Custom Paint Widget based on the shape you draw on the Canvas



Track your food consumption, water drinking and symptoms with Hepitrack.



Plan, preview and beautify your Instagram feed!


Air Hockey - Classic

A classic Air Hockey arcade game made with Flutter



All about the elections in Cape Verde in the palm of your hand


GoldLane - Digital Gold

Buy 24k, 22k Gold and Silver Digitally. Store in GoldLane's insured vaults.


Wishes App Concept

Wishes App Concept



A simple e-commerce application for an imaginary shop.


Flutter Strapi E-commerce Full App - FluxStore Strapi

Compatible with your Strapi website. FluxStore Strapi app create native app for your website - on both iOS and Android with impressive UI design and rich e-commerce functionalities.


Flutter Restaurant Review UI Kit

Flutter Restaurant UI Kit is a nicely designed and developed mobile application UI kit developed using Flutter.



Davet360 - Etkinlik, BabyShow, Düğün, Nikah, Nişan


Dope wallpapers

[eng/es] wallpapers app where you can upload your own, rate the others save what you like (using bloc and provider)



Entertainment done together


Shopping Example

Example of the Shopping/Retail application with multiple features support.



Bucket List for Adventurers


Flutter Barbershop UI Kit

Flutter Barbershop App UI Kit specially designed for connecting user with salon owner and barber. Clean design and support Light and Dark Theme



Loqal Pro helps local shops to set up online store


Hey stranger

Send greetings all over the world


Vocabspace: Learn Korean & Japanese by Reading

Interactive Korean & Japanese reading, flashcards and other study tools!



Intuitive and simple app for Space lovers


ID Card

ID Card - Hire someone or find your job.



A simple app you can use to check out information about your favorite movies and the people who are cast in them.


Google Shopping

Showcase of Shopping app



Powerful and offline unit converter


Shajedul Islam

Personal web application



Choose the beach you prefer, book and pay safely.



The little helper for everyday life!


Words Pyramid

Logical game with words


SpaarK - Dating App

Dating app with privacy and anonymity


Github Profile Viewer

Simple app made using GitHub API to get User's information



Generate hard-to-hack passwords for yourself with Passgen.


Ultimate Football GM

Ultimate Football GM lets you become the general manager of a professional football franchise.


Puzzle Ball 2020

A fun and addictive puzzle game where you guide colored balls into matching holes to score points and win. Over 150 puzzles with new levels frequently added.


Contra Flutter Kit

A flutter sample built of Top of contra wireframe kit


Shortify Short News: 100% Indian App for News

Shortify is a summarize news app that aggregates the trending news in various categories from various sources.


Portfolio Website - Responsive

This is my Portfolio website designed using flutter web.


Cambodia Phone Number Horoscope

Cambodia Phone Number Horoscope is design for help user to choose right number for use



A hub for all your plans. Organize anything from catch-ups to entire trips.


Awid - Delivery App

Need a delivery man for big furniture ? This app is for you



A funny mental math game to help memorize addition and multiplication tables


Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App

Bestseller - If you already have a Woocommerce website, you can use this app to build your own app on both iOS and Android.


Habo (habit tracker)

Minimalistic habit tracker


Trailer Pro

A movie trailer viewer, it provides synopsis, ratings, release date and other information that helps you to decide your next movie time!.


Be Informed - South Australia

Be Informed tells you about Incident, Accident and Fire Ban info from the CFS



The only dating app that cares about your privacy


Cat Facts - Amazing -Funny

Cat Facts - Amazing - Funny app where you can learn about amazing and funny facts about cats. Loads random cat facts.


US Montagnarde

L'application officielle de l'US Montagnarde !


Flutter eCommerce UI Kit

Flutter e-Commerce UI Kit comes with around 40+ screens and works great with both android and ios.


The Holy Qur'an

Enhance your experience with reading and recitations of Qur'an with new Feel and Look. The design and User Experience of this app is implemented very carefully.



A Flutter application which keeps track your water intake and remind you to drink water by sending notification.



Time of Tranquility and Deep think. With BLIMP's Audio Book, SoundScape.



A lightweight "Mood-Journal" to track your own emotional behaviour.



The quickest way to find the perfect exercise for your workout


Lala Learning Japanese App.

Lala is App for learning Japanese. Can be listened to Japanese voice of sentences and checked.


The Forty Hadiths Nawawi - الأربعون النووية

The Forty Hadith Nawawi Is Prophet's speech about Islam


Talk Practice

An app to practice your communication


Covid19 Stats

A simple mobile app to view Covid19 statistics 🦠


Nulis Aksara Bali

Nulis Aksara Bali adalah aplikasi transliterasi Aksara Bali ke huruf latin


My Journal - The perfect journal

The notes of your life are very important and therefore deserve a special place to be kept and remembered, with our diary you have access to them, and has many features to record your way.


Sponge Digits

Sponge Digits is a customized Sponge client application that recognizes handwritten digits



An App For Couples


The Three Foundations - الأصول الثلاثة

The Three Foundations is an islamic book about Faith


Junes Toeic

Boosting your TOEIC with Junes





Birthday Reminder

An easy way to get reminders about your loved ones' birthdays


Whack A Virus

A virus themed whack-a-mole type game built with Flutter.



Add descriptions to songs in your Spotify playlists


Zomato UI Clone

A Zomato App Clone



Share photos in albums with Groups


Netflix UI Clone

Netflix UI Clone



Take the guesswork out of staying secure.



Successful Secret Project - Marketplace with Hasura + Firebase


BMI Calculator Lite

You can just calculate using your calculator, but I just made your life a little bit easier.


Linktree Clone

I made linktree clone. But with dough effect. Fully customizable.


Well Spoken [Coming soon]

Improve your English. Discover and memorise new sophisticated vocabulary.


Cry Out

The personal safety app



Japanese Learner's Dictionary


Insta Live Flutter

UI Clone of Instagram Live (Nothing more, Nothing less)


Xournal++ Mobile

Infinitely take notes, sketch and learn.


EzDebt Book - Debt Manager

A simple solution to manage, check and remind your daily debts!


Banking App UI Design Template

An Open Source Bank Management app UI Design


Grocery App UI Design Template

Open Source Grocery Shopping App UI Design Template


Covid-19 App

Covid19 - Tracker, Feeds, Map, Info, Fitness and more. Spread knowledge about Corona Virus because precaution is all we have in hands.


Car Service App

Car service app UI template


Music Player app

Devotional Songs | Music Player app


Zerodha Clone UI

A Zerodha App Clone


Zomato Clone UI

A Zomato App Clone



Stop postal junk mail - Free


Realtime Face recognition

Realtime face recognition flutter app


BaBu Messenger

In the realm of Babu, all messages are appeared in form of seeds, and the seeds will grown to becomes trees if your messages becomes popular


Get Inspired

Just Scroll Down To Get Inspired.


GRE Vocabulary Words

A simple minimalistic GRE learning app


My Message

A new reminder app that sends a message to yourself.



A markdown-based note-taking app for Android


Burnflow: Weekly Task Management & Time Tracking

Improve your productivity with week based workflows. Focus on more efficient and organized planning and teamwork.


PriceNotify - Amazon Price Reminder

Get notified when the Amazon price drops and save your money.


NumberPlace - PuzzleStack

It is a classic sudoku. It has a high degree of difficulty and is for advanced users.



Infinity Funny

Infinity Funny - Fun center for GIFs, PICs, MEMEs


Baby Sleep - Lullaby White Noise

This app contains sounds to help carefully selected babies sleep and has different lullaby options.This app certainly doesn't require an Internet connection, it's at hand anywhere on the plane at work at home wherever you want.


Quick Memo

A memo pad useful for Ideas, ToDo and Shopping Lists!


Boost Motivation 5/やる気スイッチGO

A simple switch to explode your motivation in 5 seconds./5秒でやる気を爆発させるシンプルなスイッチ


Mosquito Forecast

Mosquito Forecast In Seoul, Republic of Korea



A simple android assitance app for businesses to maintain people / customer visit logs.


Paper Fortune - Fortune Teller

We analyze your drawing and share your Fortune Reading with our special AI technology!



Get funny sounds offline with Soundoji!



FITZY+ app helps you to live a healthy life by tracking your Fitness Sessions, all-day Activities and Cardiovascular Health using your smartphone's sensors.


Chate Sat - Freelancing Platform

Chate Sat is the largest freelancing platform in Myanmar connecting businesses and skillful freelance professionals.


PreArticle Book Store

A free book store Application made with flutter


Demo Proof of delivery

Proof of delivery with signature for receipt


DeveloperFolio (Portfolio)

A clean, beautiful and responsive portfolio template for Developers!



Inspire Your Personal and Business Life with "Quotess".


Khmer24, the biggest online market in Cambodia.


Flutter Browser

Full-Featured Mobile Browser App created using Flutter and flutter_inappwebview.


Minesweeper game

Minesweeper board game puzzle FOSS


Plan-et-B (PWA Game)

A 3D-like PWA game running in browser. With Wing Commander (1990) gameplay. There is Iron Man like holo. 3D interface with music and SFX



An instagram like social networking app, made exclusively for developers.


Higher Goals - Habit Tracker and Goal Setter

A beautiful dashboard of habits and goals for a better version of yourself


3d Viewer

3d object viewer



A small attempt to recreate that same nostalgic winamp experience using flutter .



This is a flutter based modern messaging app where users can sign up and log in to chat with their friends, family, colleagues among groups with enriched User-Experience.


SG Land Transport

Public Transport in Singapore made easy.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

See, save, and learn about awe-inspiring and beautiful space pictures



tyba es la plataforma digital que te ayuda a romper las barreras del mundo financiero y de inversión tradicional


Pomodoro Timer - Pause & Reminder

Simple work interval timer


Prism Wallpapers

Prism is a beautiful open-source wallpapers app for Android. It is built with Dart on top of Google's Flutter Framework.


Light Dark Toggle

A Flutter app which animates the light and dark mode.


Wooberly Uber Clone App - Driver

Wooberly - Uber clone app helps you start your own on-demand business instantly.



E-commerce app ui kit. 20+ screens


Developer portfolio website using Flutter

Software Developer Portfolio Template that helps you showcase your work and skills as a software developer.


Virtual World

Virtual World is a new way of experiencing the tour of places virtually. All the missing birds sounds, nature mode can be experienced through this app.



Spacexopedia app displayed most of the essential information about all SpaceX related, from launches, to vehicles.


IIWEE - Motivational, Inspirational, Daily quotes

IIWEE is a cutting edge solution to motivate and inspire yourself and others, whether you need small push to achieve something or make you feel better IIWEE got you covered, inspiring quotes, videos, pictures, articles that will keep you boosted..



Tennboard tennis app lets you easily share tennis scores with friends in your private club and compete for top places on local leaderboards! Experience tennis in even more fun and engaging way!


Aarogya Seva

Aarogya Seva is an Indian app developed using flutter for tracking live Covid-19 cases


500 Score Keeping

Simple and beautiful 500 score keeping app. supports 2 scoring - Avondale, Original


Friends Tournament

Tournament creation and management made easy



Rent Apartments, Rooms


Yellow Box

Simple and fun brainstorming app in BLoC pattern


Go Smiley Go

Go Smiley Go. Smiley is on a journey to survive.


COVID19 Tracker App

Simple android app with little touch of animations, that will keep you posted with latest COVID19 stats.


World Clock

Analog World Clock



It's time to charge your brain. This game is all about numbers and how quickly your brain can absorb patterns and sequence!


MGL - Gay chat

Find gay friends, find someone to delete the app.


Food Today

Share what your food today!



A covid statistics app made with flutter


Assistant for Scrap Mechanic

Get crafting recipes and item details for the Scrap Mechanic Survival Survival!!


Tv Maze App

App that uses the API ( ) from TvMaze to display tv shows


WiFi Nap

Disable WiFi and automatically re-enable it shortly afterwards.


picPics - Photo Manager

Finally, it's easy to organize photos from your phone!



Aerium is a beautifully designed portfolio site built with flutter web to showcase your skills and tell your story


Flutter Chat App with Firebase

A Complete Chat app using Flutter and Firebase


Remember Game

Jog with your brain and remember the pattern!


Ultimate Guide for Native Ads

Native ads are ads that are presented to users by Ui Components That Natively to the platforms.


App Ranking App

Get to know the most popular iOS apps in each country!



Navoki Notes, a note app app, will sync data to cloud and on all devices. We have application for Android, iOS, Web App, PWA, Windows, macOS, Linux


Knackit - Local Video, Chats, Live Events & More

Indian Video App, Local Artists Videos, Messaging, Live Events and Make Money



A simple, elegant RSS reader


Twistify - An App with Tongue Twisters!

Improve your speech with tongue twisters!


Fluxstore Prestashop - Flutter E-commerce Full App

Fluxstore Prestashop - Flutter E-commerce Full App. If you already have a Prestashop website, you can use this app to build your own app on both iOS and Android.


Anytime Podcast Player

Simple, easy to use Podcast player app written in Flutter and Dart.


APPSHOWCASE - Create Apps Screenshots

Free mockup generator lets you design your apps screenshot easily and quickly.


Share Space

Share Space : A fun social platoform to fight boredom .


WallP - Wallpapers

Mobile wallpapers meticulously created for the aesthetic user.


Namma: Meet

Namma: Meet -Fast and Secure Video Conference App. Made with ♥ in India



a simple and pretty reading app


iDempiere & Flutter

Flutter app use iDempiere ERP as back end


Flutter Guide

An app built with flutter that showcases flutter widgets.


Unicaen Timetable

Allows the students of the University of Caen to check their timetable.


Sponge Remote

Sponge Remote is a Flutter mobile application that provides a generic GUI to call remote Sponge actions.


Metal Releases

Stay tuned for upcoming Metal Releases


Travel Union

Mobile banking app for families who travel - Travel Union


Buzz Clue

Oops! I said it again!


Anime Archive

Anime Archive - Anime Discovery


Party Mafia

Classic party game reinvented for your phone


Webeye - Uptime Monitoring

Webeye provides fast and reliable performance monitoring for websites, servers, databases, sub-domains, hosted apps, API’s and more.


YouTube clone

YouTube Clone, Awesome and crazy stuff build with Material_X package of Flutter


Wallie | Minimal Wallpaper App

A wallpaper app that allows you to enjoy with different wallpapers to your heart content with lots of choice to pick from the best source of photography:


Valorant: Guide, Wiki, Wallpapers, Tips And Tricks

This app provides information about the game, valorant. such as agent (character) abilities, weapon price, damage, damage range, hitpoints, fire mode, wall penetration, maps callouts and more to users.


No Tomorrow | Minimal Todo List App

No Tomorrow is a minimalistic task management app to help you stay organized and manage your today.


Kid Songs

English Kid Songs application that is interesting and suitable for learning.


Neo ToDo

Beautiful neumorphism style todo list


Valorant++ | Guides, Tips, Strategies & Wallpapers

Valorant++ is a companion app (built with Flutter) for Valorant, a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS or MOBA-styled game. Built to be highly performant, cohesive and crisp, we hope this app would become a go-to companion choice for Valorant gamers.