An open list of apps built with Flutter
Feel free to add an app in progress and update it when it goes live



La Smorfia letteralmente

app per avere i numeri del Lotto dalla smorfia... in senso letterale :-)


Construct Diet – smart diet search

Start losing weight correctly


Tenla: Tasks

Helps you organize and simplify your plans.


BMI Calculator (Free)

Calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index) with this App.



Audio messaging app


Let's Lift

Take the struggle and headache out of planning workouts with your gym partners.


Puzzle Mania

Puzzles Collection that Challenge your Brain



Take your golf game to the next level with deliberate practice!


Apex Companion

Unofficial APEX LEGENDS companion App !


Lite Morse Trainer

A simple Morse Code App.


Baby Steps Quiz

Simple multilingual (EN, FR, ES, AR) Quiz App.



Pharmacy Just Got Easier. PocketPills sorts your medication by the dose and delivers it directly to you for free.


RoomsLocal - Rent UK Rooms

Start your property search on the move! We are making it even easier for you to discover, search and find new properties in the UK.


Monali by DV Santé

The Monali app is dedicated to health professionals.


Naked Wines

Buy exclusive wines online from independent winemakers around the world.


Blue Diary

A lightweight & effective Todo app using BLoC pattern. Supports localization.


Cricket Fantasy League

Cricket UI Kit contains 40+ Screens with a different type of UI component; this kit can save your time to code all Front end layout. Easy to implement with your code!


Sepran Expense Manager

Track your daily expenses in a simple way



wordoftravel helps travellers research destinations and get travel tips from like-minded travellers. Discover travel blogs to follow and search over 10,000 travel blog posts packed with inspiring stories and informative travel tips.


Writco — Write & Discover Stories, Poems & Quotes

A multilingual social writing and discovery platform that connects readers & writers around the globe! You can now read, write & share your stories, poems & quotes in more than 25 categories and 11 languages and earn cash rewards too.



Share quickly tweets via Instagram


Timy Messenger

Open source mobile app for groups to communicate and organize themselves


Bar Finder - Hannover

Find bars for beer, wine, cocktails and more in Hannover.



Vivllio: The College Marketplace App


Anotações de Flutter

Anotações Flutter é um caderno.


Classic Talent Calculator

A Talent Calculator for Classic World of Warcraft


AUX Albums

Spotify saved album organizer.


Simulador TIM Beta

Simple app that calculates needed score for mobile carrier plans


Learn Computer 2019

You can easily learn computer Basics to Advance. You will be zero to hero of computer.


Learning Flutter

Learning Flutter and Dart languange


Save Story for Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories Downloader



Sentimental Analysis


Sport News App

flutter design for sport news android & iOS mobile application.



Electric scooters mobile app



Easier way to manage shift


Udacity Flutter Web Clone App

Udacity clone ui made with flutter Web And Mobile app development Hello beautiful people, I hope you are all excited to start this playlist, because we have a lot of good content on the way, the main goal of this channel is to make sure you guys lea


Single Landing Page

Simple Demo about Flutter Web with Flutter 1.9 release.


Droidcon Greece Agenda

Companion app for following all the DroidconGreece tracks!


Starbulls Rosenheim

The app contains all relevant data about starbulls rosenheim. An ice hockey team based in rosenheim - germany.



A new way to consume content based on your real interests.



An open-source app to manage a Nintendo Amiibo collection.


Little Birds

Card Database for Game Of Thrones LCG



ahhhhhh makes your phone moan when plugged in



Which of you has the best vocabulary ? Compete with your friends offline.



« Guess Who ? » with emojis ! No Internet needed. Choose grid size & categories.



A simple Wordpress App


Genius Collor

Learn a little more about the colors and their infinite variations.


Speak NATO

Multi-language phonetic alphabet


Reflectly Like Login Page

Inspired by Reflectly Login Screen Page in Flutter Demo App for Educational Perspective


AuthPass - Password Manager

Keepass compatible password manager for mobile and desktop.


TT Schedule

A better schedule app for Swedish schools using the Hjärntorget system


Pocket Bus (Föli)

Pocket Bus brings together Föli buses and Föli bikes in one app!



A new Flutter application which demonstrate login and signup UI



Simplified payment for electricity in Nigeria. Spreading across Africa.


Delern Flashcards

Use flashcards to learn anything.



Test your knowledge in many different categories and sharpen your skills with QuizAdda. Free to use, user-contributed trivia question database.


Liquid Pull To Refresh

🔁 A custom refresh indicator for flutter.



Control your digital identity



Abasteça com desconto!


Awesome Remote Controller UI Flutter

Beautiful Remote Controller UI Design Made in Flutter.



Rest in squat position for 30 minutes each day to increase hip, ankle and back mobility.


Easy Service

Test APIs & services on your mobile.


Daily Expense

Daily Expense enables you to easily manage your daily expenses with customized expense categories.


Flutter Overboard

Create beautiful on-boarding screen with minimal code.


Amiibo Network

An Amiibo collection app with a wishlist and personal collection, search bar to search by name and category list to see each type of amiibo.



Galpi: the book-logging app.



A simple todo app



Pesan makan siang dan malam dari dapur terkurasi, bebas repot dan gratis ongkir.



Open Source Weather App With Funny Comments



Put a smile on someone's face



A simple scroll animation example for flutter like scrollmagic


Blaise - Pascal Wallet

Simple, Sleek & Secure Pascal Wallet


Desafio Fotográfico

Faz a inscrição de fotos no ABCclick em todos os desafios fotográficos



One App, All Payments


Flutter Widget Guide

A one stop guide for anyone new in the Flutterverse.


Schat Whatsapp

send whatsapp message without saving the number



An application which shows famous quotes, It's that simple.



A Simple TicTacToe game made using Flutter!



Easy & Quick to create Todo and Note.


Chitr: Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Chitr is a Wallpapers and Backgrounds app.


Ninja Number Second Phone Line

Ninja Number adds a second business phone line to your cellphone, reminding you of missed calls and texts, automatically answering common questions from customers, transcribing voicemails, and much more!



A Flutter E-Commerce App concept built using MobX and Firebase


Fillit - Unique Mobile Banking Experience

The digital wallet of a new era, the only one you need to have.


My Quotes

Create and manage your personal quotes collection


Quidlo Timesheets: Time Tracking App for Teams

Quidlo Timesheets. Easy way to track your time!



Find and Meet Foodies Nearby


Aural Wiz

Essential music theory reference and resources for ear training.


GtrLib Chords - Guitar Chord Library

A vast & comprehensive library of guitar chords with suggested chord fingering.


Friend Theory

Find a friend, anywhere you go



Simple game to improve problem solving skills



App that combines AI, fashion, arts & blockchain


Flutter Food Delivery App Theme

Flutter Food Ordering App Theme Template



An App Made With Flutter By A Young Developer For Developers!


Clinical Sense by Medical Joyworks

By doctors for doctors; Clinical Sense is the app to practice being a doctor.


Simple Portfolio

A single page website built in Flutter


FlutterHole for Pi-Hole®

A third party Android application for the Pi-Hole® dashboard.


Single Page Portfolio

A single page website build in Flutter


Split Money

Split Money helps you to split bill and share expenses with friends , roommates and family.



Metropolitanope is an application that shows you information about the Lima metropolitan service


Babu - 叭噗

A Location based Message & Instant Message app



Check your eyesight


Dutch Tax Check

Calculate VAT and Dutch taxes


Foto Chamada (Photo Call)

Make a photo and have your classroom attendance list


VLC Remote

A remote control for VLC


Flutter Paint

Flutter Paint


CarPark – Parked car tracker

A simple and lightweight parking tracker


Loca Deserta

Interactive Fiction game about the legendary XVII century. The story takes places in the southern part of Ukraine called Loca Deserta


Conyers - Our Loving Mother

On November 30, 1987, while Nancy was in silent prayer of the heart in her home, the Crucifix was illuminated in a bright whiter than white light. The image of the corpus was engulfed in light and became lifelike.


eCommerce UI KIT using Flutter - Minimalist Design

e-Commerce UI KIT using Flutter with 38+ screens


Hashnode Lite

A clean, minimal Hacker news style reader for Hashnode.



An application's UI


Orientation Week 2019

The “Orientation Week” mobile app is useful to first year students of Ahmedabad University. It provides access to essential information related to Orientation Week of the University.



A Cryptocurrency app made with provider and BLoC pattern



Air Quality Data - Visualized


Bchu Runway

Bchu Runway : Rent-Wear-Return


Free Classic Sudoku

A Free Classic Sudoku Puzzle and Tic Tac Toe Game for Android.



An App to count drunken beverages and their alcohol


Cloud Storage Manager

Cloud Storage Manager


Flutter Authentication Demo

Demo application for the library flutter-auth-ui


Crypto Wallet UI

Crypto Wallet UI in flutter


Hymns for Worship

Fully digital song book with tons of pro features


Catholic News

A Daily Dose of Catholic News


Furniture app Ecommerce

Furniture app Ecommerce




Amana is a financial institution providing online brokerage services.



A Movie App



An open source mobile game made with Flutter to test your reflexes


Restaurant Finder UI

Restaurant Finder UI


Post disbursal Loan Emi Engagement

Its a user engagement app after loan disbursement



Sensagro helps farmers to easily acquire remote sensing data and manage their crops in a better way



minimalistic breath meditation



QuizApp Fun Educational app for all ages


Droidcon Berlin 2019 (unofficial)

The alternate website for Droidcon Berlin 2019


Auto Care Kit

Take control of your auto maintenance records


Day To Day

Never forget, just create a routine.


Particle Background

Flutter app demonstrating simple_animations in action


Github Dataviz

A visualization for Flutter GitHub repository metadata.


Slide Puzzle

Get the numbers in order by clicking tiles next to the open space.



A gentle animation that provides a calming experience to stressed developers.


Charts Example

Examples of the charts_flutter package running on the web


Filipino Cuisine

A Flutter app that shows list of Filipino Food, it shows the recipe and instructions.


Flutter Gallery

A demo app for Flutter's material design and cupertino widgets, as well as many other features of the Flutter SDK.


Dad Jokes

A fun little app for groan-worthy dad jokes


XO - TicTac

Simple Tic Tac Toe game



Create & save custom workout routines



A Flutter music app made with Provider and BLoC pattern. (Works on Android for now, iOS coming soon)



A little "orientation programming" game for 5-8yo



Calculate your pizza recipe in a few seconds! 🍕


Artizan :: Trippy Psychedelic Filters



Dashboard Reborn

An open source Flutter template app with a beautiful UI!



A simple app to keep track of your goals!


Nobbas Real Estate




CricResult - Using AI to predict Cricket Results



Password management on BlockChain



Pauzr is an app to help you avoid mobile addiction and gives extra time to spend with friends & family.


Undaunted Golf

Mindfulness for golfers


Prophetic Sayings

Daily quotes in a simple and easy to use app. Set up a reminder notification at a time most convenient to you.



Know Your Representatives


Bird Sounds

It's an interesting app! More than 60+ nature sounds of birds at your fingertips



TapHero is a casual tapping arcade game


News Watch

Flutter news reading App, using newsapi


Lombok Guide

Template apps to create City Guide



Beautiful note app that has brief UI, power by flutter


Yudiz Modal Sheet

A modified modal sheet


Flies The Flag

A Flag Quiz Application in Flutter


Job Done

An app to help tradespeople save time and manage their business.


Laser Blogger

Laser Blogger is a blog website. we launched an Android app for easy access to blogs from our app.


To-Do List

A To-Do Flutter application to manage your TaskList.


Lotto Bomber

Lottery Combination Generator



We help greenhouse farmers to manage their structures, coverings, production, and labor besides to connect them to many suppliers and buyers.


Futbol Podcast

Futbol Podcast is the most complete and beautiful app for anyone who loves football or football talk shows.


Healthy Wealthy

A project that aims to solve the SDG "Public Health"


Şiir Defterim

Mobil Şiir Uygulaması



An elegant notes taking app written in Flutter that uses sqflite for storage.


Gatra Bali

Balinese News Reader App


The Pitch Pipe

Cross platform pitch pipe with powerful tool for helping with sheet music.


Makr Shakr

Make your drink came true


Flutter Quiz App with Backend

Text and Image Based Quiz App built with Flutter & PHP backend


Weather APP

Weather Application



A music player that streams youtube



Notify your dropping place



IGDownloader made by flutter open source application.


Deko Gallery 2

The art of ornament through the ages: 120 plates, 2000 specimens of all styles



Tweek helps Twitter users maintain their privacy by removing old content


Air Quality Index BreezoMeter

Real-Time Air Quality Index (AQI) & Air Quality Map Worldwide


UI Design

Login, SignUp, Forgot Password Design


Coinector Coinmap - Bitcoin Merchants

Find the nearest bitcoin (DASH/BCH/BTC) merchants around! Or search worldwide!



Get movie and TV series recommendations.



currency convert application make by flutter


Youtube Redesign

A case study to improve user experience of Youtube


My Note

A simple app to keep track of your tasks.


Simple Calculator

Simple Calculator With Attractive Modern UI For Everyday Use



Learn, explore and experiment with Flutter widgets directly on your phone.


REQU by Ameba

REQU App is the best way to sell your unique skills online.


My Notes

My Notes : Open source application developed using flutter



JNation conference official application



A Password Manager built using flutter!



Block or limit distracting apps with high customization


Deko Gallery 1

The art of ornament through the ages: 100 plates, 2000 specimens of all styles


Waller - Free Auto Random HD Wallpaper Changer

Daily Random HD wallpapers | Auto random wallpaper changer 🔥



Alqurani is application for reading quran, du'a, asmaul husna and tafsir in indonesia



Movies App made in Flutter with api data from TMDB


Operation calculus

Mental calculation training for 6/7 years old kids


The Public Transport

The first public transport app for Flutter. Available for the Rhein-Main area (and soon Germany too).


Quiz App



Wabi - Virtual Number for WhatsApp Business

Get an international phone number, activate WhatsApp Business!



task management app


3lyna - علينا

اطلب وخلي الباقي علينا



A collection of perinatology calculators for the mobile world.


Light Sleep Box

With Light Sleep Box you can sleep with ease, and wake with light.



Locolhive - Yoga, Fitness Coaches, Guided Tours


LocateCab AJCE

A vehicle sharing app for Amal Jyothi College made with Flutter.


Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator with bill splitting feature.



Flavr is open source flutter application for developer



Email Follow Up Templates for Business Card Scans


Dusk Tours

UAE visa application services are much closer now with our mobile app, which is easy to use straight forward and that’s not all, there is more.


The Pocket Piano

The Pocket Piano is a fully featured piano optimized for all screen sizes.



Have the Law in your Pocket!


ULikes - Discover topics & peoples of your choice

SameBee is a social networking app to make friends, share moments, discuss topics, articles and online quizzes.


Delillerle İslamiyet



Notes App with Sqlite Database

Note Taking App made with Flutter with Sqlite Database.



Locate, an example material app built using locate plugin.


Sudoku - Şifa Bulmaca

Sudoku puzzle game developed with flutter


Escuta Pet (Pet Listen)

Does your pet behave or bark when you are away from home? Register!


World Holidays

World Holidays is a mobile app that displays the various holidays in a year across the countries of the world and reminds you of your favourite holidays.


Wallpaper app with Dynamic Theming

Wallpaper App made with Flutter with Dynamic Theming.


Facebook Audience Network for Flutter

Facebook Audience Network plugin for Flutter apps


Veggie Seasons

Seasonal produce displayed using Flutter's Cupertino package


Lunchtime - Articles & Videos about programming

We've combined the best content on programming from the world's biggest minds.


RIPA Watch

Passport & Driving License ID Scanner



Be Your Strongest



Be The Story & Speak Until You Say It



Cours de mathématiques gratuits pour réviser le BAC !


Página Web Media

Empresa de diseño web y desarrollo de apps


Godzilla Gaming

Godzilla Gaming is Application where you can connect with online gamers and play.



French conference application



每日分享妹子图 和 技术干货,还有供大家中午休息的休闲视频



Style your images and share them with your friends!



Simple funny game.


Food Scan

Thanks to Food Scan, scan, check and eat healthy!


Tefillin Wrapp

Tefillin – binding people, binding worlds, binding hearts and minds.


Movie UI

Movie App UI Flutter



Let you view github trending anytime, anywhere


Flutter UI Challenges

Building different kinds of UIs in flutter (more than 30 different UI Screens)



A file transfer app, works wirelessly with in LAN, built with flutter


Sum'em Up

A very simple numeric puzzle game based on number addition.



Simple Recipes app.


Whats My GPA

Stay on top of your GPA!


EzQuiz - quizzes for Japanese

EzQuiz - Japanese is developed to practice and test Japanese. App includes many type and level of test: from N5 to N1.


Packing List!

Pack your luggage with Packing List!



Tired of seeing strangers in your contact list? Use the Contactless!


How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

See how many people are in space right now!


Storya for Facebook Stories

Download and Save Facebook Stories



French Insurance and Bank App


Tubi TV

A movie app building with Flutter for fun.



Capshun is a social media application which generates captions and hashtags for your pictures using artificial intelligence and machine learning completely for free with over 100,000 downloads built completely on Flutter!


Nikhil Yellidiyappa

Nikhil Yellidiyappa in short NY is an app developed for fun purpose and there is no intention in hurting anyone is the main disclaimer of this application.


Invest Financial Calculator

Investment and loan calculator. Easily calculate investments, loans, financing, interest rate, future value, present value, payments and installments.


GST Calc

This is a simple GST calculator.


Space Curiosity

Space Curiosity is an agregator of all about space-related things. Built for space enthusiasts, by space enthusiasts. It has been developed using Flutter, an open-source SDK that helps us create amazing cross-platform apps.



The time-tracking app for remote workers.


Kumoh42 - Kumoh National Institute of Technology student community

For Kumoh National Institute of Technology Student Community.


Crypto Cards

Crypto Cards App is a innovative solution for viewing the Crypto News and Important events, starting with Top-25 coins (marketcap) and will expand further to almost all Cryptocurrencies.



Instagram Clone created with Flutter



Climate change activism, unified. Make lifelong friends and help save the planet!



A Simple EYE Test Game, built using Flutter CustomPainter, with <3



A Machine Learning App for an Age-Old Sandwich Debate


Color Clues

Treasure hunts for kids of all ages



This calculator app developed in flutter


s.Oliver Würzburg

At the pulse of s.Oliver Würzburg and the easycredit BBL - league always in view!



A messenger built in Flutter



An Android App, which lets you work on Location Data, built with <3 using Flutter.



Small app with a great design "How to burn off"


NyaNya Rocket!

Save cute space mice from dangerous cats!



mudeo is a collaborative music video recorder


Cook & Lift

Fitness Workout recipes mobile application


Resupply Businesses

GTA V business resupply reminder.


AdMob Estimate

Quickly estimate your AdMob revenue.



An Android App, shows Astronomy Picture of the Day, built with <3 using Flutter.


Flutter Wallet App

This is flutter wallet app.


Dinkes Batang

Portal informasi resmi Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Batang



UIs Collection of Dribble recreated with Flutter


Pro App Sale

Pro App Sale offers an simple, direct way to discover and download the best apps and games which are on sale and promotion.



The place to track your subscriptions


Kut In

Kut In is a Flutter app that shows random, wise Kanye West quotes. ;-)