An open list of apps built with Flutter
Feel free to add an app in progress and update it when it goes live



Todo wallpaper

Todo application to change wallpaper


Goodgoal : Decide. Commit. Succeed.

An app to help user to complete their personal tasks and goal



A Practice app build while playing with flutter.



A simple app to manage your expenses!


Yasya Bayu Wedding

Digital Wedding Invitation


Music Player

A music player app


Snapchat Clone

Clone of Snapchat Mobile App


Draw it app

Students often tend to find something like a pen or paper to write important thing down which they remember all of a sudden. They may type it down it on some note editor or in some chat but they often miss-out the feel which they get. With this app,


Todo app flutter

If you are in a field where you want to manage your day to task and keep a track of which ones are done, then you might need something which could make your life easier. If you have used G-mail then you might have noticed the task section which goog


Dating app UI

Everyone wants to have a soulmate in their life and you may or may not know that it tkaes time to fid your perfect soul mate. I have tried building a dating app UI from the images of what i found online. The app is Called Rish, where users can find


Simple Calculator app

A simple calculator implemented in flutter.


Flutter Lens app

Flutter lens is an app through which you can extract out text from the images and then perform various different operations with the extracted text. Through this app I have tried merging features from different apps and have bough them to one place



Your go-to destination for building your public profile.



Social Media app



Send Message without saving Contact



@mosphere makes peer-to-peer encrypted file sharing possible using @protocol.



Qriosity is a quiz app made with flutter and firebase to play quizzes on different topics.



A simple flutter game app


Shopping App-2019

Developed shopping app implemented in Flutter. FireBase is used to store the data.



A Quiz App Built Using Flutter


Trading Card Summoner

An app that creates and exchanges original trading cards



Devfest Event Application

A Flutter Application for GDG Devfest Events. It displays Event Speakers, Event Schedule and answers some of the frequently asked questions


TODO app

TODO app to organize myself.


Tarefas Já

O seu organizador pessoal.



Collection of Dash #Dashatar.


Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies is a card-based method for promoting creativity.


Tic Tac Toe: Multiplayer Game

🏆🥇 Tic Tac Toe: Online Multiplayer is one of the best puzzle games in the market. 🥇🏆


My Crypto Wallet

A Flutter WEB project developed during #30daysOfFlutter


Salat Tracker

Follow the Muslim prayers bowing and prostrating



A Weather App with simple and clean UI Made with API from OpenWeather.



Order your cinnamon rolls online


Joke for Fun-30days

Joke generator for Programming and Puns - 30 Days of Flutter


Rosita - Free Exercise at Home for Seniors 60

Rosita is a longevity coach that helps you create new healthy habits with training, exercise and education from home so that in 10 years you don't feel 10 years older



Box Image

A simple flutter project showing different Box Fit configurations, a person can upload an image from his phone and can check for different heights and widths.


Joke for fun

Joke generator for Programing and Puns


Self Rewarding App 💜

An app for reward yourself with stars on daily basis


Loca Deserta: Hex

Resource gathering puzzle in hex grid


Chat app ui

This is a UI for a chat aoo which i made in flutter.


Eventizer-Register for events

An app through which you can register for a wide range of events hosted by different communities around the world..


Eventizer-Event Creator

An app which helps you create events and spread the word across different communities.


Florence Flex: Nurse & Carer shifts

A marketplace that enables Nurses and Carers to find flexible work that suits them.


Rosalo Fire Safety Product and Services



ToDo List

ToDo List application


Order & enjoy

Its an online order fast food app



A simple app that stores notes you make.


Flutree - LinkTree clone

Simple and smooshy personalized social cards


Shopping List

Everything what you need is in your pocket!


Mi pan su su Flutter

A fun flutter app that allows users to play the isolated vocals at demand together with the accompaniment just for fun.


Weekly Devotion

An app for a 1-on-1 weekly devotion


Burger Buildr

Simple burger building application



Movies Reviewed by people, for people


Github repositories

Display a list of Github repository


Rolling Dice

Two dice rolls at a time, whenever the user click on the ROLL button.


Calculate Your BMI

An App to calculate BMI


Personal Expense app

This app help person to keep record of their expense.



Clockly is one simple app for all your clock, timer, alarm needs.



It's a simple application UI to remember your tours by


Flutter Music App

I have created a Audio flutter app #30daysofflutter​


Flutter Music App Player

I have created a Audio flutter app #30daysofflutter​





Gameshop Deals

Browse through different shops and find the best deals of the games you want!



App will give you result according to Karam(Work) you will done in your life.


Ayush Jain's Portfolio

This is my portfolio website devolped on flutter


Cooking Up!

a simple app that contains some recipes


Store Drive

Online File Storage Application


Work toor

A Freelancing application for Developer and HR


Valorant Agents

All the Valorant agent details in one place


QR ScanGen

An application that scans QR Codes to give the decoded data and generates QR Codes for a given input and saves it in the gallery.


She Heros

Considering the safety and security of women in India in the recent times, We wanted to give a try from our end to address the issue in a simpler and safer way.


The Dice

Dice as a mobile application for both iOS and Android, Getting random numbers from the dice face by simply tapping the screen.


BMI Calculator Flutter

A flutter app to calculate BMI



A simple application that displays different startup name suggestions.



Find Transport and Enjoy your safe and reliable ride with cashless payment



This is an app which help us to download torrent file of movie.



A news reading app


Relaxing Rain

A relaxing app


MyMusic Records

MyMusic Records brings you a brand-new experience that will change not only music apps, but the industry for independent musicians.


Bmi Checker

This app helps you calculate your BMI



It is a chat app



Extricate is an app that helps in food wastage.


WhatsApp Clone

Clone of WhatsApp Mobile App


My TicTacToe

Tic tak toe game for mobile made using flutter


About Sam

My personal website


MyBar - Cocktail Machine

"MyBar - Cocktail Machine" is the perfect device for those that are looking to enjoy the best cocktails over and over again.


Personal Expenses

Personal expenses app



Maybe you have a hobby that you have trouble with planning. We are here to help you with these problems. Let us introduce you to Hobbycorn!



In this app there is several English word which suggest name for new startup.


FluxStore Manager - Flutter Vendor App for Woocommerce and WCFM (WCLovers)

The latest Vendor app for Woocommerce and WCFM plugin, to support Seller in the smoothest management way. It could be standalone (on both iOS and Android), or combine with the FluxStore Multi Vendors app


Music App

A Music App Built With Flutter


TicTacToe 2-player

This is a tic tac toe / cross-zero game for two players.


shopping mall

simple shop for helping to find some collections of fashion(ex: accessories , Home furniture , clothes)


Congo App

Say congratulations to your loved one in special way!


Learn while having fun

Language learning App While Seeing Videos!


Movies Details

In this app I'm displaying movies with some details like: movies posters, names, ratings, date of release, etc.



A Simple Flutter Quiz App


Dev Portfolio

An open source developer portfolio made with flutter


Tic Tac




This is a app in which i can add anyone name & age and what work he has with me



app can be used for saving important notes plus for managing tasks.



Create your professional web agenda in 5 mins



The easy way to capture video from iPhone to Mac


Eden Baby

You are expecting a baby? Join Eden Baby & share your happiness with your family & friends !


Quel est ce code postal

"Quel est ce code postal" gives the city associated withfrench zip code.



Live News App Using Rest API with Searching Functionality


Mentor101: Making Entreprenuership Easy!

Get concise and practical post on productivity, personal development, entrepreneurship, business, startup, technology, future, motivation and inspiration.


luwank Music

Music Player App



Trending Gadgets Viewer


My Draft

Short Notes



Online shopping app UI with provider state management


flutter movie project

simple flutter app to display poplular movies



Notes Writing App



LinuxGun is app which is used to run the commands of Linux and to see the output on your screen only...


tacker covid_19

A simple mobile app developed with Flutter


Tomato Timer

Stay focused with the Tomato Timer.


Todo Application

Todo List Maker


Facebook Albums

Cash Facebook Album Viewer



Try Relax for better Productivity.



This App enable user to call All the emergency Helpline Number in India on a single tap


Ivy Podcasts

Ivy is a new way to discover podcasts. In addition to being able to follow podcasts you can easily follow over 1 million topics or people as they appear on any podcasts.


Wallify - Awesome wallpapers for android

Download , Set and Share 10000+ wallpapers HD Wallpapers for completely free!!!


Jaisalmeria Handloom

We deliver the product which enhances the look of your room. We make your dream bedroom complete!



The app tends to get on different programming tracks for beginners.



Quizza is a Quiz app for Android and iOS


Basic Banking App

Basic Banking App is a project build using Flutter (Dart) and Firebase-Firestore as backend.


Quiz Master

Quiz Master is your one-stop-shop for all your quizzing needs


SEC Cabin Rental

Private cabin rental timeshare


Pixels : Beautiful Wallpapers for your Mobile

A Beautiful Wallpaper App perfect for your beautiful smartphone :) .



Calculate your alcohol intoxication.



A News Application using Flutter and


My Destiny

An App that predicts a user destiny based on the month he/she was born


BMI app

BMI calculator


On Click Attendance

On click attendance app for faculties to mark attendance of students in institutions


ϵ-NFA to DFA Converter

A Mobile Application to convert ϵ-NFA into DFA



A Flutter app that displays your steps for the day.


Student Attendance App

Student Attendance App


Spotify clone

Spotify ui clone



A photo sharing app focused on sharing your moments on every travel destination in Indonesia



An App to Translate Videos


Vremenska prognoza

Weather forecast


Utils - Status Saver

🏆 One application for all the latest WhatsApp Tools. 🏆


Corona virus

This app is basically made in lockdown using Flutter.



It is a fun little quiz app made in flutter and can be use cross-platform on Android,ios,linux,web apps.



Predicting whether the room is clean or messy from a Flutter based app.


Achieve: Daily Motivation

An app that keeps you motivated with inspiring quotes.


Mental Math: Times Tables

Times Tables & brain training game


Chess Remix

Play and create your own chess variants


Flutter Shopping App prototype

An open-source Shopping Application prototype built with Dart and Flutter.


Assistant Spirit

Assistant Spirit - Your personal customizable assistant developed with the sole purpose of making your lives easy!


Health Calorie

Your complete guide for healthy life from A to Z



Rydoo - Expense Management


Progress Time Bars

Progress - An app to monitor time


elarrab - Ahmed Khaled Tawfik

Now you can read the works of the late godfather Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq on your mobile


Virtual Board

Task management with notes and timers



An easy to access online shopping app intended for all sorts of products and retailers of the best selling brands.



Vote for your favorite crypto every day !



Group Video Chat & Movie Hacking With Friends



Focus on one task at time


Basic Radio

Free Worldwide online/internet Radio


CU Course Timetable

Timetable app for Chulalongkorn University made by Flutter!


Skilly Browser

It a browser application as its main feature along with conference and global chat and pdf maker is also included.



An inspirational, wellness app unlike Calm and HeadSpace



Zoom Clone in Flutter using Jitsi Meet



Do you want to monitor every single trade? Check whalert!


Derra Brewing Golf League

An application for the Derra Brewing Golf League


Diskominfotik Bengkalis

Aplikasi Dinas Komunikasi dan Informatika Kabupaten Bengkalis

Classic sudoku puzzles + Camera mode solver & scanner



IMPRESSO: Build for Careers & Jobs, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Local Businesses


ScoreIt! 313

Scoring app for the 313 card game.


Uolia Learning - Free online courses

Uolia Learning is an App to view educational content from the Internet without losing the thread, without forgetting how far you have advanced.



Did you watched something? Rate, comment, select platform you watched on, and share it!



Join Challenges to win prizes.


CrakX: Transforming your preparation

Navigate through the latest campus resources to boost your preparation



The coolest memo app for sci-fi lovers

A cloud based and crossplatform appointment management system.


Tasting Coffee

Explore and taste a coffee roaster


Expense and EMI Tracker

Keep track of your Expenses and at the same time manage your EMI billings in one single app.



The Sawayo employee app - simple time tracking & compliance management for every company.



Carpooling diario para empresas y particulares


IQ Test - Score Me

This application will help you to know your real IQ level


ToDO App using Redux + Hive

Flutter + Redux + Redux Epics + Hive


Lazım Olur

Items you don't use will need someone now



Progress - An app to monitor time


Buks - Ebooks

A Better way to discover books. Get instant and free access to more than 60'000 ebooks.



Connect to compatible people. Create talents, sports, jokes , comedy shows , challenges and love cards.



Taking notes watching YouTube!



CloudFit is a digital workout display system for gyms


Chinese Writer

Learn to write Chinese the fun way



Planning together and reach consensus fast, it just got easier.


Workout Timer

Workout Timer is an intuitive & minimalistic Ad-free HIIT & Tabata Timer.



A redesign of the classic 2048 game to challenge you in a new and exciting way!


Egyptian Pyramids

A logical game with words finding.


Jobs Flutter

Jobs for Flutter Developers by Flutter Developers



Home Services



outRise is the best way to find, create, and share life's experiences and adventures.



Alternative to Twitter


Hippie Quest

A Self-Improvement Space Odyssey


Fanatics Fantasy MMA

Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts



Powerful chaos management planner with tones of features and functions. It helps to plan and work efficiently


Social Network UI Made In Flutter

Social Network UI Made In Flutter


My Blog

This App convert the WordPress website to Flutter App in Android, lets fun how your WordPress website will look like in Android App.



Track your net worth


Prospector Mobile App

Get your sales leads fast and on the go!


Business Name Chooser

Find the best business name at your fingertips!


Shopping Page UI In Flutter For Android & iOS

Shopping Page UI In Flutter For Android & iOS


Body Language

Research based body language and micro expressions guide


Shopping With Checkout App Made In Flutter For Android & iOS

Shopping With Checkout App Made In Flutter For Android & iOS


Finance App UI Template Made In Flutter For Android & iOS

Finance App UI Template Made In Flutter For Android & iOS


App Icon Tools

Simple GUI for preview and generation of (launcher/desktop) app icons made in Flutter.



Local Network Search Tool


T2QR - QR Code Generator & Reader

T2QR is a free app that specializes in generating QR codes.


Grocery UI Template App In Flutter

Grocery UI Template App In Flutter For Android & iOS


Voice Changer and Recorder

Have fun listening to your modified voice!


Login SignUp UI In Flutter

Login SignUp UI Made In Flutter


Dungeon Masters

A completely unique and free online RPG game, in your pocket!


Travel App UI In Flutter

Travel App UI In Made In Flutter



Find interior products that match your style with the help of Machine Learning


Inspiring Quote

Flutter app with google AdMob example Inspiring quote every day.


Simple Flutter Quotes App

Simple Random Quotes Application


Telemonitoraggio Salute

Devices connessi con la piattaforma Visitami e Paginemediche


Venda (

Venda is a location-based business platform that enables people to discover businesses around them. With Venda, you can sell or buy goods and services from vendors nearby.



Create Wishlists. Save your wishes. See what your friends wish for.


Quote of the day

Inspiring Quote of the day


Workforce Management Software

Misentinel offers free cloud-based workforce management (WFM) software that manages Employee Scheduling, Reporting, Tracking and Lone Worker Safety.



A clean, interactive, slick todo app



Best Selling UberEats Clone Solution



Don't let them wait for you!


bites. - Social Media for Food Lovers

A social media app for all food lovers.



Resony is your personal guide to reduce stress, anxiety by building positive resources for resilience



Introducing Huntr - A clean and beautiful client for Product Hunt



Sialia a beautiful Twitter client



Improvised photo contests, Scrape your imagination



Your Missing Information Forum


Glider for Hacker News

Glider is an opinionated Hacker News client. Ad-free, open-source, no-nonsense.


Lesson Note

Easily manage lesson and payment day that are easy to confuse after time passes



Manage all your bookmarks & notes in one place! Flutter eCommerce UI Kit Flutter eCommerce UI Kit can make a developer’s life easier.



Hostel booking marketplace app in Ghana



YouSave is a loyalty program - free for members. No fee required.


Langful World

Learn foreign vocabulary for 32 languages using your own pictures



Octo Job Search

Octo Job Search app is a job search app built in flutter framwork. It uses Github Jobs data to display jobs



Owingly - Manage All Your Owings



HesapMatik v2.0



Create Todo list and take some important notes to help you be more productive.



Connect with Kozzet to Order Services





Manqoos Mawlid

Manqoos mawlid app with Kannada & English translation & recitation


TABI de Log

This is a photo album app to record your travel memories for each pref in Japan.



Github mobile app built in flutter framwork.



Flutter application that changes your todo list as your wallpaper.


Flutter Shape Maker

Flutter Shape Maker auto-generates Responsive code for Flutter Custom Paint Widget based on the shape you draw on the Canvas



Track your food consumption, water drinking and symptoms with Hepitrack.



Plan, preview and beautify your Instagram feed!


Air Hockey - Classic

A classic Air Hockey arcade game made with Flutter



All about the elections in Cape Verde in the palm of your hand


GoldLane - Digital Gold

Buy 24k, 22k Gold and Silver Digitally. Store in GoldLane's insured vaults.


Wishes App Concept

Wishes App Concept



A simple e-commerce application for an imaginary shop.


Flutter Strapi E-commerce Full App - FluxStore Strapi

Compatible with your Strapi website. FluxStore Strapi app create native app for your website - on both iOS and Android with impressive UI design and rich e-commerce functionalities.


Flutter Restaurant Review UI Kit

Flutter Restaurant UI Kit is a nicely designed and developed mobile application UI kit developed using Flutter.



Davet360 - Etkinlik, BabyShow, Düğün, Nikah, Nişan


Dope wallpapers

[eng/es] wallpapers app where you can upload your own, rate the others save what you like (using bloc and provider)



Entertainment done together


Shopping Example

Example of the Shopping/Retail application with multiple features support.



Bucket List for Adventurers


Flutter Barbershop UI Kit

Flutter Barbershop App UI Kit specially designed for connecting user with salon owner and barber. Clean design and support Light and Dark Theme



Loqal Pro helps local shops to set up online store


Hey stranger

Send greetings all over the world


Vocabspace: Learn Korean & Japanese by Reading

Interactive Korean & Japanese reading, flashcards and other study tools!



Intuitive and simple app for Space lovers


ID Card

ID Card - Hire someone or find your job.



A simple app you can use to check out information about your favorite movies and the people who are cast in them.


Google Shopping

Showcase of Shopping app



Powerful and offline unit converter


Shajedul Islam

Personal web application



Choose the beach you prefer, book and pay safely.



The little helper for everyday life!


Words Pyramid

Logical game with words