An open list of apps built with Flutter
Feel free to add an app in progress and update it when it goes live




Simple & Libre Temporary File Uploader



Send any image from your phone to your Lume Pad and it's automatically converted to 3D



The simplest and complete GST calculator app


GRE Flashcards

Enrich your English vocabulary with easy-to-remember mnemonic tricks and sentences


Risco Cero

This app is intended to young people (16+) that can have risky sex relations to prevent STD and also unintended pregnancy.


Wibty - Social Network

Wibty - National social network of Azerbaijan


ReFlix - HD 4K Wallpapers

Astonishing Collection of Retouched 4K and HD Wallpapers


Weight Tracker - No Ads

Lose weight and check weight loss with Simple Weight Tracker



repoline turns the public repositories of the github user into a timeline.



Simply beautiful or beautifully simple OTP generator.


Join Events

Join Events- Events App In Flutter For iOS & Android



World's first IoT Kendama Have fun, build skills and compete globally!



Control your breathing during meditation.



Just call your baby.


Flutter Gradient Generator

Online tool for generating linear and radial gradient code for use in Flutter applications.



An Intuitive, Seamless and Efficient Approach trusted by Thousands of Students to Calculate their Cut-Off Points. The Calcut App enables any Ugandan Student planning to join University (Campus) to calculate their Cut-off points (Academic Weights).



MOMO BOARD let you instantly create your own community message board for free.


ChordMixer - easy composition

ChordMixer app provides you with a way of becoming a great composer


Xdrop - Offline File Transfer app

Cross Platform File Transfer App. You can now airdrop between Android - Windows - iOS - MacOS



It's Mi card Ui application


I am rich

It's I am rich application



UnstuQ takes the emotion out of group decision-making by making it fun, fast and enjoyable


WMap - Map Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Create beautiful, minimal, custom map wallpapers and backgrounds with WMap.


Gift Quest

Create quest for your friend


Text Photo: Word Art From Pic

Turn pictures into unique typography artworks made of nothing but text.


Vepaar - Formerly WhatsHash

Vepaar is an always-on the best WhatsApp Marketing platform for small or medium businesses.


Healthful - Gym & Fitness Log

Keeping track of your gym routines & nutrition intake has been made easier.


GM-Tamil News Application | Tamil News &News Paper Application | GMTechindia

We will serve all the tamil Head News, Sports News, Tamilnadu State News, International News, Ranipet District News and also we provide all tamil news paper in your fingertips.


FluxBuilder - Flutter App Builder

An Ultimate Approach For Flutter Mobile Apps





Flutter Hero Animation Demonstration

A Flutter Simple Showroom App UI using navigation animation along with hero Animation


My Soundboard - Free Custom Soundboard Maker App

Now You Can Enjoy With Your Own Soundboard!


Lost Vault | Post-Apo Fantasy MMORPG

Join the wasteland caravan and explore it with guns, steel or magic. Jump in!



Air navigation calculator



A token auction website made by Flutter thats interacts with Ethereum web3 through flutter_web3 package.


Thumb Games - 1 & 2 players games

Play multiple classic games in one app. Play solo or with friends.


Poke Maker

Choose an image and make your own Monster.


Filmed in Cherokee

Tour Cherokee's Film Locations


Flutima | Flutter UI Bundle Kit

Buy a license once, get a wide variety of ui kits and free future updates.


Mobile Challenge 🏅 2021

This is a challenge to test your Mobile knowledge



AI Powered Delivery Management Software


Sakura Calendar: Simple to Use

Beautiful & Elegant Background Images



An app that lets you explore books of different categories and read upfront reviews about them . Showcase your skills by writing poems and quotes , receive likes and comments on your contemplation and a lot more to explore.


Json to Dart converter - support Null safety

Json to Dart converter - support Null safety online tool, custom converter


ConCoin - Rigged Coin Toss

Discretly control the outcome of a coin toss by the direction of your swipe.



Looking for the right app for investing in digital gold and silver? Try Oropocket, the safe and trusted online platform for gold investment


Keepin Score Backgammon

Track your live backgammon match results and stats with a live scoreboard.


Simple Calculator-Flutter App

A simple calculator made with flutter



An open-source compact browser based SQL Compiler, made using Flutter



Early Emotional Learning


K library

Kpop collection tracker


Bookmark Safe - Cloud & Secret

Manage your secret site. With Bookmark Safe's secret mode, you can safely manage your favorite sites. You can cut out the site and thumbnail it, so it is easy to use.


Attendance Manager

Register, track and manage your attendance with our new best attendance manager app


instagram clone ui

instagram clone ui


Smart Node

SmartNode app used to control lights, dim fans, on/off A.C. and other appliances


Link Gen

Link gen is an app to help with social media marketing


Facts about numbers

Funny facts about numbers


Flumaco | Flutter On Boarding Template

FLUMACO | Flutter OnBoarding Template comes with around 8 OnBoarding 24 screens and works great with both android and ios.


Doctor Appointment Booking App

Flutter Doctor Appointment Booking App UI Kit


Everyday Muslim

An app developed to help the Muslim community practice their religion with ease.


Aerium Portfolio Site

Elegant, Simple and Minimalistic Portfolio Design. This is the second iteration of my portfolio website built with flutter.



An application that you can see the self-improvement events.


GroLister Shopping List Maker, ToDo Checklist

Create different shopping lists for each store and group product items on your shopping list by product categories and get it done on time.


9 Fit Women Workout

9 Fit Women Workout App is Ultimate App To Help You to Build Tone Body Shape


Deeply: Meditation & Self-Care




stomp-box app for guitar, bass, and vocals.


Fendi Collection Lookbook

This is the widely known Fendi Collection or Lookbook, built with flutter.



A Productivity Mobile Application UI kit built with Flutter


Kino App

In this app you can get information about movies



Gives your current Temperature



Compare your opinion and see what the world thinks! Earn vouchers for your votes, level up and create you own polls!


Subera : Automatic captions/subtitles

Mobile captioning/subtitling platform for videos



TradePlan is a Crypto search engine for traders


Image Slider Indicator

Image Slider with indicator.



Collect world flags. You set the rules!



Scored! allow you to keep track of everything you want!


Calculator Lite

Minimalistic and Privacy-friendly Calculator with History and Currency features.



BIGMOM DRIVER is an application for drivers


nunci - Capture your language

Automatically generate intelligent flashcards from your language notes



Order Onapookkalam, Onakkodi, Onasadhya, Onathappan Online From Festeves


Levelhead Browser

Explore the Levelhead Universe.


Koel Player

Koel Player, the official mobile player for Koel music streaming server



NImbus is a beautifully designed portfolio website built with flutter


Hradec si pomáhá

The Hradec application helps you gather interesting information about what is happening in our city.


Fedi for Pleroma and Mastodon

A client for Pleroma and Mastodon social network instances


Flutter Recipe App UI

Recipe UI In Made In Flutter



Be productive, grow tomatoes



Anime and Manga search app


GG: Free Games And Giveaways

See all available free games and active giveaways. Get notified when a game becomes free.


Blueartcrypto 24/7

Update of crypto world



In this subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. And by selecting any of these, you will receive a PDF with the answer key of your MCQ or question!



A Private, Secure, End-to-End Encrypted Messaging app.


Kodinng Payroll

Kodinng Payroll is an efficient way to manage your business payroll anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Finansi App

A new personal finance, budget and expense control app. Carefully thought out and centered on you. Simple, powerful and constantly evolving.



SPIDERCARD - Your Digital Business Card



The easy way to hire home contractors in Sweden.



Buy local produce at the tap of a button


Solid Color Fills

A wallpaper app that can set your favorite color as device wallpaper. Includes hand-picked colors and advanced color pickers.


Penguin Chat: Anonymous chat in virtual world

🐧 Play as a penguin in a virtual 2D world and chat with other penguins 🗣.


CoWIN Track Availability

Vaccine Tracker for India using CoWIN Public API. Supports alerts when a slot is available.


Quoty Dumpling

Eat dumplings and gather amazing quotes!



Meter readings and consumption insights


Business Card | Brand Card

Sample app for create Business card


Space Empires

A 4X Strategy Game where you fight smart galactic overlords for Planets


Flutter Packages (

Find and use packages to build Dart and Flutter apps.



CoWIN - X Check vaccination slot Availability & covid19 data Visualization.


One Key

Highly secure offline password manager


Believe - Daily Affirmations

Build a positive mindset with affirmations & reminders for self-worth and love.


Flobear: Productivity Buddy

Flobear loves eating floberries and helping his friends be productive!



Advance career with learning


Supercell Clone

Clone of Supercell games website using Flutter Web



Bhagavad Gita - The Divine Song of God.



An application crop recommendation using machine learning


HAZTURK Earthquake Information Mobile App

See recent earthquakes occurred in Turkey and in the world,received notification


Vineet Geek

Flutter Wordpress App


Speak English Online

An educational app where people all around the globe come together to practice English speaking.



A digital Travel Diary, Trip Planner, and Social Network for travelers all around the world 🌎



The right way to support creators, artists and institutions financially. Connect with your loyal audience.


TRESHOP Flutter eCommerce UI Design

TRESHOP | Trendy Store Ecommerce UI kit saves you 200+ work hours


Web Portfolio

I have built this as my portfolio



Leading Food Delivery App Development Company


Västtrafik Nära

Travel planner for Västtrafik


News_App with Lazy Loading

Live News App Using Rest API with Searching Functionality


GlobeSO Super App

GlobeSO super app provide many services such as G-Social, G-Ride, G-Express, G-Jobs, G-Shops, G-Pages, G-Foods, G-Books, G-Services and G-Pay.


Luwank Shortener

Luwank Shortener


Flutter Portfolio Website

A personal portfolio website made by flutter. Designed by Brittany Chiang ( and Made by Arvind Sangwan on Flutter UI toolkit.


Beekeepr by PlanBee

The app for beekeeper and gardeners to protect the bees.

Get the latest report on financial markets in Bahasa Malaysia.


Power Tic Tac Toe

A Modern Take on Tic Tac Toe


Learn The Notes

A smart and simple music sight reading trainer for pianists


Joined Words

A fun Compound Word Game with challenging word riddles



A drag and drop Whot Card Game with commentary and Combos..



Flutter widgets you haven't used yet.


Worth it

Money made easy!


Hungree - Decide what to eat

Stop fighting about what to eat and start swiping! Hungree is a fun and easy way to decide what to eat with your friends!


Romantic Developer

This is my portfolio made by Flutter, it's about a romantic mobile developer.


Taxi Management App

A simple taxi management app



gen-r, generate a QR code from given string data!


Gitgram v2.0

Gitgram makes the user interaction of searching the GitHub profiles much easier and way of more fun.



Pillars is a privacy-centred & Muslim-built Prayer (Salat) app, with no ads. We focus on beautiful design & powerful features that can elevate the Muslim community.



A responsive Flutter gallery application for any platform using the micro-service architecture



Relive your childhood in pixel-perfect bliss


ASMI - Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Hypertension

ASMI is the best breathing exercises app that will stay by your side in your pocket and support you through the right breathing exercises and techniques to help in providing stress relief and calming anxiety. It is also very useful in insomnia, hyper


Buwa (Black Unicorn Wallpapers)

Black Unicorn Wallpapers, stylish wallpapers for your device!



A Simple app to reduce the gap between doctor and patient!! Also includes assistant to ask any health query and get fast answer just like snap!!


WTF Media

The one-stop destination for sports entertainment


Portfolio With Flutter including Neumorphism

Created Portfolio with flutter supports for web,linux,app and used neumorphism for this



Minimalistic Weather Forecast App


StoryPad - Write Story, Note, Diary

StoryPad is a minimalist application to write stories, notes, diary, and keep your memory forever with google drive, group, and lock.


Apalala Party

Play with your friends in over 15 minigames on the same phone! 👌


Timed Quiz

A new Flutter application designed to be a webapp for nonprofit organization hosted on


Filament Left

The easiest way to measure Filament Left on a spool!


Flutter Vancouver

Where the Vancouver Flutter community hangs out!


The Slime Dungeon

Survive in a dungeon of slimes


Angle: Social Audio and Voice Chat

Social audio for intentional and focused conversations



Links your smartphone to Virtual Reality to avoid FOMO



CineBuzz is an app where you can get details for your favorite movies & series.


Teal: The secret Law of attraction App to Manifest Money

The abbreviation for Teal: Law of attraction app is "Tools & Exercise App for Law of attraction". This secret law of attraction app, contains Affirmations, Daily Quotes, Dream Tool, Feelings Tool, Blogs, Tips, Vision board, and other manifestation to



The First World Emoji Competition, how fast are you?



The free app for Couples!



Your personal life recorder



A simple PokeDex App created using API from PokeApi.



A cross-platform home workout app that respects your privacy



Flutter frontend for or


Flutter Company Listing

You can easily see which companies are using Flutter in Turkey 🇹🇷



Calmly is made with flutter to practice meditation to bring headspace and calmness. 😍💆🏼‍♂️



Cross-platform frontend to Homebrew formulae API


Last Round Legend

Quick and simple sports prediction game.


Kelompok Generator

It's easy to divide the group


AxRechnung | XRechnung-Generator

Generiere einfach und schnell XRechnungen mit unserem AxRechnung Tool. Made by Axitera. || Create a XRechnung easy and simple with the AxRechnung tool. Made by Axitera.



A simple version of Google Keep built in Flutter 2.0



A simple flutter package for creating a TabBarView layout with custom Tabbar.



Hapz - Curated events and happenings in your community



Create beautiful & interactive parallax backgrounds for your apps and games.


Budget Budy

Budget Budy is the easiest and most user friendly expense manager app. The simple fact is, by tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore SAVE MONEY.



MapboxAutocompleteSearchWidget is a flutter package that allows you to search for place name in a autocomplete fashion.



Write down your thoughts and share it with others



Do you want anyone that can help you in vector algebra, then this app is for you!!!


Num Cluster

An App which gives step by step solution for matrix operations.



Need to know about any compound you don't know? Then this all is for you!!!


Todoer 2

This is a basic todo app which you can use to manage your todos. And also its code is opensource so that all can see it. It is created with Neumorphic Design. It supports both dark and light theme. And the best thing is that light and dark theme is a


Carbon 12

Open Source Periodic table app created with soft ui design with four themes.



A app for integrating and differentiating equations.



An app for MCQ Question generation. And can be used for competitive exams prep.



Travel App: Flights, trains and buses


Simon Says

Simon Says - A Memory Game


Google Search Clone

Google Search Engine Clone


Read More Fun

Read More Fun - Short Your WhatsApp Messages


Happy Hours Market

Happy Hours Market est une application mobile qui permet aux distributeurs, aux consommateurs et aux banques alimentaires de lutter contre le gaspillage alimentaire.


Milki - Study Timer

Study/focus timer with custom targets


Responsive Live Portfolio

Redesigned my portfolio using flutter 2.0 web and it blew my mind :D


Prof Haneul

Learn Korean Alphabet



The accessibility platform to join in.



A digital platform connecting Retailers, Entrepreneurs, Brands & the next billion Customers in the neighbourhoods



An art gallery app, which portrays the famous historical artworks.


Simple mobile calculator

created a Flutter calculator app from scratch


My First App

"30 Days of Flutter"のLive Codingで作ってみた



Local events app.



Anime info app.


Mobile calculator

created a Flutter calculator app from scratch



Convert Any Website to App



Convert Any Website to App


A calculator ui

A dark themed calculator UI


Take Quiz

User can take a quiz to check knowledge


Vibes - Quotes, Facts and Entertainment

Get Quotes, Facts and Jokes Every Day


To Do

Simple app to save lists and notes


Dance of India

App to explore various dance's of India


Car Rental App v2.1 - Flutter UI Kit using GetX

Car Rental App UI Kit developed and designed for Developer using Flutter & GetX State Management



Events Community App


My Grocery Store

This is flutter application which provides a smooth shopping experience to the user.


iQuote Minions

iQuote Minions offers you a large collection of inspirational and motivational quotes to keep you going.



Categorize what you want



A basic flutter calculator app


Together Ringtone

Together Ringtone, Help User To Get Ringtones, Images & Emojis At One Place.


Imagd - Heic to Jpeg, Png Image Converter

Easily Convert multiple HEIC images to JPG, JPEG or PNG in just 2 simple steps📷



Application to manage daily tasks



With LinQuotes by your side, you no longer need to extensively search twitter or its equivalent for the best quotes.



UrBMI is an app which helps you to live a longer and healthier life by calculating your Body Mass Index.



A simple todo app with create,edit ,delete function.



simple calculator


Madhura Deshmukh

It's about my city.


Clubhouse Clone UI

Clubhouse clone in Flutter


India Travel App

Explore Indian Destinations and Travel Options


Simple and Sower

Simple and sower application


Madi Hymnals

A mobile application that displays Lyrics


Photo Memories

This is Photo memories maker app


Weather Zone

Weather information by location.



Calculatus Flutter

Calculator using flutter


Recipe App

A recipe mobile app developed in flutter.



App to read the phone number and email from business card to store it in contacts


Bachan Nayak

My First App Quiz



nested navigation demo



QuickFlash Chat


Bluetooth Controller

This is a Bluetooth Controller App, it can easily navigate Bluetooth device like Bluetooth Car or any robot.


Saroj Dance tutorials

This app is a tutor tutor student platform where the students can watch the dance tutorials posted by tutors


Rashmi Patel

Tech Power Girls App



BMI calculator app.



Play with Dashatar!



This app showcase the movies according to the categories


Plant App

It is plant shop app.



App for Tech Power Girls group.



NewsRoom gives a consolidated view of news from all categories from across the web


Tic Tac Toe by Chaitanya

A simple pencil-paper game implemented as android app


Safe Outs

Keeping your outing safe.


Exercise Training App

A simple app to demonstrate exercises/home workout


World Time Application

World Time Application



This is a news app where i used an api to fetch real time news.


Share love

Inspired from good deeds of St. Valentine, I made this project "Share Love". Just like St. Valentine, I want to encourage people to help others.



This is a cloud kitchen App Just like Swiggy



A portfolio website built with Flutter


Dice Roller

Dice Roller App


Weather by Legacy

This app provides weather updates for desired locations.


Daily Todo - Track your Performance

A minimalistic daily checklist app that let's you keep a track of your performance.


Spell Your Name

Spell your name or address with phonetic or normal words


Countdown Timer

A simple flutter countdown timer.