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AIstrology    Entertainment

AIstrology is your personalized pocket astrologer.

AIstrology is your personalized pocket astrologer.

Currently, it is aimed to be a booking app for your astrological consultation with Dr. Sivakumar Nayanar, a renowned Nadi and Vedic astrologer who hails from the lineage of Agastya, a revered Vedic sage. He has over 25 years of experience in offering advice, predictions, and remedies to thousands of clients in India and overseas, making a significant difference in their lives. Apart from the coveted knowledge and wisdom of Vedic astrology that have been passed through generations, Dr. Shivakumar also holds a Ph.D in Career Astrology.

With this app, you can create profiles complete with details for your astrological consultation, schedule appointments with Dr. Nayanar at your convenience. This app also comes with a payment gateway, which facilitates you to pay hassle-free through UPI, netbanking, digital wallet, or debit/credit cards.

This app also contains the alpha version of an AI chatbot, Ri Shi. The bot captures Dr. Nayanar’s deep knowledge and unique methods to answer all your career-related questions. Ri Shi analyzes your charts based on your date, time, and place of birth. He provides you highly relevant and accurate predictions and suggestions to all your problems using Integrated Positive Astrology, invented by Dr. Shivakumar. This is, however, in development currently and is able to answer limited career questions.

Some questions you can ask Ri Shi are:

When will I get a job?
What kind of a job will best suit me?
Will I find success in my job?
Will I find job satisfaction in my new job?
Will I get onsite opportunities?
Will I settle abroad?

… and so on.

Come, book an exclusive appointment with Dr. Nayanar to get accurate predictions and remedies to the questions and problems you seek answers for. You can also explore Ri Shi, ask him career-related questions, and get accurate solutions.

Your pocket astrologer is waiting for you.