Animals Quiz - 4 Pics & Words Trivia
App to learn animals by playing quizes and trivia
Do you know 350 animals? Learn them all in this Zoo quiz game.
App have 150 mammals pictures, 90 birds, 45 fish, 24 reptiles and amphibians, 46 arthropods.
App translated into 21 languages each of them voiced for better learning by visual and audio.

In app you can find 5 categories:
1. Mammals: What difference between Cheetah and Leopard? Is it domestic Cow or wild Buffalo?
2. Birds: Is it Macaw or Cockatoo? What differences of Cucko and Pigeon? Do you know how to distinguish small birds?
3. Fish: Why is the Hammerhead shark called that? Is it Cod or Carp?
4. Reptiles & Amphibians: How to distinguish turtles? What difference between Crocodile and Alligator? What kind of lizard is this?
5. Arthropods: Can you find Bee and Lady beetle? Solve all question for insects, spiders? Find Scorpion & Crab?

Play 5 game modes including:
* Letter Quiz: solving quiz letter by letter;
* Listening Quiz: Listen question and find correct animal;
* Test 4: Find by picture or Find by name;
* Test 6: Six images and one question in a row;
* Time test: Try to answer in 60 seconds as much as you can;

You can also go on an Adventure with two difficulty modes. Where you will learn all the animals at once in order of increasing difficulty.
App already translated to 21 languages and all of them voiced. English, German, French, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and more.

Collect 50+ achievements and become animals expert.
And learn each category with Cards and Lists.