Ashlar Code
Ashlar Code is a modern source code editor.
# Ashlar Code

Ashlar Code is a modern code editor built with the Flutter API. It runs on native code and aims to be fast, smooth, and extensible.

## Features

* Syntax highlighting using TextMate language grammars
* Themes support TextMate theme formats
* Minimap

* Unlimited undo
* Multi-cursor editing
* Search with plaintext, or regular expressions
* Search and Replace

* Sidebar file explorer with file type icons
* Multiple opened documents with tabbed views
* Supports virtual and physical keyboards

* Opens very large files

* Basic Git support for clone, pull, merge, checkout, commit, push with SSH keys authentication.
* SFTP support

## Languages Supported
* c, c++, c#, dart, go, html, java, javaScript, json, julia, lua, obj-c, perl, php, python, r, razor, ruby, rust, css, sql, swift, vb, xml, yaml
* more+

## Themes
* abyss, kimbie, monokai, red, seti, solarized, tomorrow-night, dracula
* more+

## Open source

Ashlar Code is released as a paid mobile app to support its development. Desktop versions will be available as free downloads. Early mobile versions will also released as free downloads.


Earlier versions of Ashlar Code and/or its variants are opensourced.


## Issues and Feature requests

Send bugs or feature request though the github page.


## Known limitations

* Files with more than 10000 lines will disable word wrapping.
* Tabs are currently automatically converted to space characters.
* Utf8 characters are only partially supported.
* Git: Only authentication via SSH key is supported. Username + Password currently is not supported by and by Ashlar Code.
* Git: Conflicts will have to be resolved manually or by other more advanced git client apps.