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ASMI - Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Hypertension    Health_and_fitness

ASMI is the best breathing exercises app that will stay by your side in your pocket and support you through the right breathing exercises and techniques to help in providing stress relief and calming anxiety. It is also very useful in insomnia, hyper
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We understand that a lot of us are really busy at times and it becomes very tough to spare out much time for our own selves. Also, the process of only doing conscious breath in and breath out can be overwhelming for beginners, and that is why we have designed ASMI’s flexible session timer to customize your session time, starting from a bare 3 minutes to 30 minutes.
ASMI also provides the users with a session tracker which helps you keep track of the number of days, sessions and minutes put into conscious breathing exercises.

ASMI is a perfect anxiety stress relief app and these minutes spent in our breathing exercises app ASMI will definitely help you get in a relaxed zone by settling the negative vibrations, helping you identify your positive aura. The custom session shared in ASMI for providing relief in insomnia makes it a desirable Insomnia app for users suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea. The Pranayama breathing exercises, in general, are great for calming stress and anxiety and at the same time are great for immunity boosting making ASMI an incredible immunity booster app. We also have a custom session consisting of Hypertension exercises. So ASMI is also a great Hypertension app for anyone looking out for Hypertension relief.

ASMI provides precise verbal & visual instructions for performing breathing exercises along with the benefits and contraindications. Our intent is to present the breathing exercises techniques in the most simplified manner so that everyone can realize the power of breathing exercises and gain maximum benefits. This unique approach makes ASMI the ultimate breathing exercises app.

The breathing exercises shared in ASMI are inspired by the ancient Yogic knowledge of breathing called Pranayama breathing. These breathing exercises were invented thousands of years ago by the Indian sages, the oldest scientists of human bodies. There are innumerable benefits of the Pranayama breathing exercises and we strongly believe that the benefits of Pranayama breathing shall be available to the entire humanity.

You also have the option to choose from various breathing exercises to practice without selecting any custom package.

In the present version of App, the Breathing Exercises covered are
1. Sama Vritti / Equal Breathing
2. Anulom Vilom / Alternate Nostril Breathing
3. Kapalbhati / Skull Shining Breathing
4. Bhastrika / Bellows Breathing
5. Bhramari / Humming Breathing
6. Udgeeth / AUM Breathing
7. Abdominal Breathing / Pursed Lips Breathing
8. Sitali / Cooling Breathing
9. Sitkari / Hissing Breathing

And this goes unsaid that we will be rolling out MORE CUSTOMIZED SESSIONS & BREATHING EXERCISES very soon.

Stay tuned for more.