Astro-COLIBRI allows professional and amateur astronomers to keep track of the latest transient astrophysical events.
The most violent explosions in the universe are detected by a global network of observatories. They observe supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, flares of extragalactic objects and many more. Over the last years novel messengers like high-energy neutrinos and gravitational waves have completed the multi-messenger picture of these fascinating events.

Real-time notifications:
Astro-COLIBRI notifies you immediately via push notification as soon as a new transient phenomena is detected.

Detailed information:
Each event is explained in detail and all observations are summarized in an easy to understand form. A suite of dedicated links to external services allows to study each phenomenon in its multi-wavelength and multi-messenger context.

Observation planning:
Astro-COLIBRI allows planning of optimal follow-up observations. It provides direct access to the visibility and weather conditions at all major astronomical observatories as well as user specified locations (e.g. your own backyard!) and thus enables quick and efficient planning of follow-up observations of the most interesting phenomena.