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Attendance Manager    Productivity

Register, track and manage your attendance with our new best attendance manager app
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Attendance Manager is an effort to bring forth the
best in class performance,best user experience and the best features out in the market for the needy, who
may be a school going student or a college going youth to track and manage their attendance with ease or for anybody who wants to register recurring events, track and even manage them effortlessly for free of cost with an option to go ad free for free.

Local(Unauthenticated) and Authenticated service

For users who don't want to sign up we got them local mode where your records are locally stored in your device .
For users who want to go online and sync their data with multiple devices we got authenticated online user mode.
User can signup using with email and password combination or using your google account.
We made sure that any user can switch between the modes at any given time with or without records / data by a button click.
That is , data(attendance records) can be transferred from offline to online and vice versa at convenience

Offline and Online Service

We provide both and offline and online service with startling performance .You can manage ,manipulate your records effortlessly without internet even in authenticated (online) mode with rapid speed and once internet is available automatically your records are pushed to the server.

Create Attendance
Create subjects and mark your attendance that is you can mark present , absent , holiday or even mark as
Every action marked can be marked with description (cause of the action ) which would help you recollect .
Edit Attendance
Every subject can be edited ,manage and maintain and track your attendance as you wish
Reset Attendance
Subject can be reset to it's initial state
Delete Attendance
Subjects can be deleted

Developed with students in mind

Try our service and then make your conclusion

Manage your attendance, employ our premium yet free service
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By Team Attendance Manager