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AVAX Blood Pressure Log - Take your blood pressure    Medical

Start your blood pressure diary with the best blood pressure app for android!

Approximately one quarter of the world's population is suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension, another 5% suffer from low blood pressure or hypotension. Approximately 20% of all people do not know that they have high blood pressure, as it usually come without any symptoms. However, it is risk factor number one for cardiovascular diseases.
Therefore it is very important to regularly take your blood pressure and, if you measure high blood pressure or measure hypertension, to keep a log. The same holds for low blood pressure. "AVAX Blood Pressure Log" supports you with this task.

Core features of AVAX Blood Pressure Log
- Check your blood pressure readings and enter them with just three clicks
- Add notes to all your readings (e.g. forgot my medication)
- Ignore outliers in statistics and diagrams
- Automatic cloud backup and syncronization accross all devices (if used with login)
- Usage without login possible, too
- Share or export your results anytime for free (csv file)
- Clear color categories for hypertension and hypotension

Check your blood pressure now and start your blood pressure diary today for free and without ads with the best blood pressure app for android for hypertension management!

AVAX Blood Pressure Log is constantly updated and improved. The following features are planned for future release:
- Reminder to take your blood pressure.
- PDF Reports to download or share via e-mail (monthly and on demand)
- Login via Facebook
- More diagrams and statistics to make your blood pressure diary even more useful

If you have suggestions for features, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Usage information & Data protection
- You can login via google account, via email or use the app completely anonymously
- We do not track any information that would help someone to identify you. Only your email address is being recorded (unless you do not use a login at all)
- No data is being shared with 3rd parties
- Our app is free, in english and without ads
- The app does not require any permissions on your phone or access to personal information
- We do however require an active internet connection

We hope you enjoy our app and it helps you to keep your blood pressure diary and manage your high blood pressure. If you like our app, we would be very happy about your feedback and rating.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Important information
Please note, that any blood pressure app, that tells you you can check your blood pressure directly in the app, is fake. Our App requires a real high blood pressure monitor to measure high blood pressure or measure hypertension app. With a high blood pressure monitor you can take your blood pressure and then enter the readings into our high blood pressure app.

Our high blood pressure app is suited to keep a blood pressure log for personal information only. If you have high blood pressure you should consult your doctor to discuss hypertension management. Our app should not be used for diagnostic purposes and cannot replace hypertension management in consultation with your doctor.

Our blood pressure app may be not only be used to measure hypertension app, but also to track low blood pressure.

Our clear interface makes adding records and measure hypertension app quick and easy, which makes AVAX Blood Pressure Log the best blood pressure app for android.

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