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Beekeepr by PlanBee    House_and_home

The app for beekeeper and gardeners to protect the bees.
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You're done with searching - this is the App! Included in this App are the most important tools and information you need for a successful beekeeping.

- Beekeeping - Diary
- Flowering Calender
- Pollencolour - Index
- Picture Detection for Plants, Bees and Pollen

Beekeeping Diary:
With our Beekeeping Diary it's possible to manage your beehives with your smartphone alone. Our biggest priority is easy and intuitiv handeling of the app - just like your own personal diary.
With just three clicks you can add sightings of larvae or brood, add new construction frames or take honeycombs for the honey harvest.

Varroa - Weather:
Our free varroa - weather check will greenlight your successful varroa treatment. You can change between different methods and check which one will be the most successful with the given weather conditions.

Bee - Weather:
Our Bee Weather helps you check if your bees will be in the hive or collecting honey outside. It's perfect for checking the location of your bees during breakfast to decide whether a visit to the beehives is worth it.

Pollencolor index:
Our pollencolour index shows you which flowers your bees are currently choosing! Simply click on the colour you can see on your bees legs and we show you a possible collection of flowers that are currently blooming and match your pollen colour. The best thing is, the pollencolour index is completely offline - that means it works even in the most remote locations you choose to put your beehives!