Bijak - Agri Trading Platform
Agriculture commodity market for agri trader, daily mandi bhav of agri commodity
Bijak is an online agriculture trading platform that connects thousands of verified agri traders (Farmers, Loaders, Commission Agents, Brokers) across India. It brings transparency in the agricultural value chain through a buyer/seller rating system based on real-time agricultural commodity market & transaction data.

Being one of the most popular agricultural apps in India, Bijak ensures suppliers & buyers get end-to-end agri trade services such as, payment/credit guarantee, secured payment gateways, mandi rates from 625+ mandis including Neemuch mandi, Azadpur mandi & optimised zed logistics - all at one place.

Who should use Bijak?

►If you are a Supplier (Local Aggregator/Loader), Bijak helps you to connect with verified buyers with payment guarantee.

►If you are a Buyer (Commission Agent), Bijak helps you to connect with country-wide supplier network and provides you with Bijak Credit for payments.

►If you are a Broker, Bijak improves your network of buyers, suppliers & settles your brokerage payments early.

Trading on Bijak is 100% Safe

Bijak is recognised by reputed government institutions like Indian Society of Agri Business Professionals (ISAP), Ministry of MSME etc. Over 30,000+ Agri Traders in India use Bijak App daily.

India’s favourite Agri Commodity Trading App

Bijak has the largest network of verified Buyers/ Suppliers. You can boost your agri trade by connecting with 30,000+ trusted traders (Buyers/ Suppliers) across India. You can connect with verified buyers, suppliers, post your supply/demand details, create orders & run your agri trade with absolutely zero risk. Get updated mandi rates from nearby mandis and famous mandis like Neemuch and Azadpur Mandis.

Secured payments for Buyers/Suppliers

Bijak ensures transparent agri commodity trading. Make/receive secure online payments easily in few simple steps. Also get Credit/Payment Guarantee on behalf of Bijak.

110+ Commodities

Easily buy/sell best quality agri commodities like onions, potatoes, tomatoes, fruits, pulses, grains and more. It’s like an agricultural commodity market on your phone!

Rating System

Minimise risks with the help of buyers' ratings. These ratings help in transparent agri commodity trade and are based on their payment cycle, transaction history, business characteristics, on-ground feedback etc.

Latest Online Mandi Rate

Get all India Mandi Rates at a click. Whether it’s Nashik’s onion prices, potato prices, or fruit prices, know the price trends or market rate of your commodities by connecting with 625+ Indian Mandis such as Neemuch Mandi, Azadpur Mandi, etc. Access the exclusives such as Copra mandi rate, Punjab mandi rate.

Commission-Based Trading

Add your commission rate & receive payment from agri traders with zero hassle. Bijak ensures agriculture commodity market is fair to all.

Easy Order Management

Create orders at the click of a button. Have your orders viewed & fulfilled by verified agri traders across India.


Replace paper bijak with E-Bijak. Just create & share your digital bijak with the traders on phone.

Trade in your own language

Bijak is available in 9 indian languages and in English and Hinglish too

Attractive Offers

Earn guaranteed Cash back and time-to-time special discounts on transactions.

Easy Bookkeeping

Access all your E-Bijak, transaction details, and payment records at one place.

Credit/Payment Guarantee

Buy agri commodities from trusted suppliers across India & get a Bijak credit guarantee to increase your working capital. Alternatively, sell your produce to verified buyers across India with payment guarantee from Bijak.

Made in India

Bijak is proudly 100% made in India. The founders of Bijak are well aware of the Indian agriculture market. Also they belong to families that are practising agriculture since decades.