Blabliblu : 3 smiles a day
Blabliblu is a simple and safe gratitude journal
Blabliblu is a simple gratitude journal, with the main idea of respecting your privacy.

Improve your well-being by practicing a small exercise every day: visualize and note three (or more) positive events of the day.

The idea came from a tip given by a friend when I was feeling down. She told me to write down every night three things that made me smile during the day. After doing this experiment, I then decided to create this app to help people apply this advice.

By getting into the habit of focusing on the positive, you will appreciate the good times more.
This practice will encourage you to pay more attention to and engage more fully with the positive events in your life. In this way, you will learn to recognize them, and appreciate them more when they occur. Later, when you remember them, you will be able to appreciate them again. This is only possible if you get into the habit of detecting them.

This application has been inspired by the advice of relatives, but it is based on studies, such as these:

* A simple application, based on several studies
* A safe, ad-free, and intimate space to focus on the good parts of your day
your day.
* A "Journal" section where you can read back on your good moments and
to remind you of them.
* An easy to keep daily journal
* Add photos to your memories
* Reminders to help you get into the habit
* Send your good moments with a simple double click: share your gratitude with your friends and family.
* Night mode to improve your sleep. You can use Blabliblu without being dazzled by your phone
*An application fully translated in French ^^

You may be surprised to discover that even on days filled with anxiety and sadness, you'll be able to find three positives. And it is this ability that will help you improve your well-being.

Thank you for taking care of yourself and practicing gratitude. We hope this wellness journal will help you understand in a tangible way that happiness is not so far away, and that you are entitled to it too.

Your wellness journal is yours and yours alone. We don't store any of your data, and we don't ask you to log in or create an account. We have designed this gratitude journal with your privacy in mind.