BlueBubbles is a cross-platform app ecosystem, bringing iMessage to Android, Windows, Linux, and Web!
A macOS device (virtual or physical) is required! Visit our documentation (below) to learn how to setup your own virtual macOS environment

BlueBubbles is an open-source and cross-platform ecosystem of apps aimed to bring iMessage to Android, Windows, Linux, and Web! With BlueBubbles, you'll be able to send messages, media, and much more to your friends and family.

Key Features:

- Send & receive texts, media, and location
- View tapbacks/reactions, and stickers
- Create new chats (macOS 11+ has limited support while macOS 10 has full support)
- View read/delivered timestamps
- Mute or archive conversations
- Robust theming engine
- Choose between an iOS or Android-style interface
- Lots of customization and configuration options
- Scheduled Messages

Private API Features:

- Send reactions
- See typing indicators
- Send read receipts
- Send subjects
- Send message effects
- Edit Messages
- Unsend Messages

**Private API Features are not enabled by default and require extra configurations. Details can be found in the settings page of the app.**

If you need help setting up the app, have any issues or feature requests, or just want to come hang out, feel free to join our Discord, linked below! We hope you enjoy using the app!


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