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BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker    Health & Fitness

BMI calculator, Weight loss monitor, Waist to Hip ratio, Waist to Height ratio

Track your daily weight loss and calculate your Body Mass Index, Waist to Hip Ratio and Waist to Height Ratio.

BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker monitors your weight, waist and hips. It calculates your Body Mass Index, Waist to Hip Ratio and Waist to Height Ratio. The app also provides referent values for each of the calculated measures - BMI, WHR and WHtR, which allows the user to quickly identify their health status.

⭐ Elegant, easy to use interface;
⭐ Tracks your daily weight change;
⭐ Tracks your daily waist change;
⭐ Tracks your daily hip change;
⭐ Calculates Body Mass Index (BMI) and assess your state;
⭐ Calculates Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) and assess your health risk;
⭐ Calculates Waist to Height Ratio (WHtR) and assess your health status;
⭐ Provides weekly, monthly and yearly chart for every measure tracked and calculated;
⭐ Allows to set goals for each tracked measure - weight, waist, hips (see below for details);
⭐ Provides automatically calculated goals based on your measures (see below for details);
⭐ 18 different color themes to choose from;
⭐ Supports light and dark modes;
⭐ Support Metric and Imperial measurement systems;
⭐ Personalized daily reminder;
⭐ Data Management - allows you to backup and import your data.

Weight Loss Tracker and BMI Calculator App allows you to set goals for each of the three tracked measures:
✓ weight
✓ waist
✓ hips
You can choose between two modes:
⭐ Automatic - the application calculates your best value for each of the above measure, based on your height, gender, BMI, WHR and WHtR referent values.
⭐ Manual - you can set goal for each of the above measures.
Either way, you will be able to track your progress toward the goal on daily basis!

❗ Privacy Notes
✓ Your personal data (e.g. height, gender, weight and etc.) is stored locally within your instance of Biorhythms app only;
✓ In case you uninstall the app, your personal data is deleted completely from your device;
✓ In case you exported data from the app, it is your responsibility how and where this file will be kept;
✓ We are NOT storing your personal data in our premises;

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