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Simplest Inventory Management

The Easiest Inventory Management! Start now with Box Hero.

[Box Hero’s Special Features]
• Streamlined Solution
Inventory management is at the heart of Box Hero. Inventory management is now a breeze.
Box Hero is the perfect solution for small & medium sized businesses.

• Easy Stock Control
Track a stock’s inventory history, such as the stock in & stock out, dates, as well as remaining stock.
Easily track user activity - view who took stock in or out of a product and why.

• Smart Management, Wherever You Are
Wherever you are, Box Hero can manage your inventory in real time.
Check your inventory quickly and easily with the barcode scan using your mobile device’s camera.

[Box Hero Detailed Features]
• Easy product registration.
Add a stock item by a photo or the barcode.
Box Hero supports Excel file extensions for larger inventory database importing.

• Manage your stock with barcodes.
Get a barcode for even products without a barcode.
Manage the same product as a different one based on other properties such as product condition, stock in price, sell by date, and more.

• Accurate Stock In/Out.
All changes to the inventory are saved as history, to view anytime.
Use the stock’s barcode to verify a product inventory has been added to the correct stock.

• Convenient Barcode Search.
Use the camera scan to check the stock and manage your inventory.
Link Box Hero to your own barcode scanner to easily view and check your inventory.

• Share with Your Team.
Invite your colleagues as a team to manage inventory control together.
All data is saved and synced automatically.