CA24 Mobile - banking app
CA24 Mobile is a modern banking app of Credit Agricole Bank Polska dedicated to retail clients. It provides a complete variety of features, and as a result, customers can manage their finances conveniently and faster - entirely remotely.
The team of 200+ members worked for a year on a project to deliver probably one of the biggest Flutter applications in the world. The development team consisted of approx. 30 Flutter Developers (14 were from one company - LeanCode) - working to build the next-generation iOS and Android mobile banking app.

The demand for digital acceleration forces the banking leaders and market challengers to compete with the most innovative tools in their web portals and mobile banking apps. Today's most robust trend in the banking industry is the shift to digital, specifically online and mobile banking. Major banks across the globe are releasing new features in their mobile banking applications to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Several cross-platform technologies were considered when Credit Agricole Bank Polska was looking for the technology to deliver its brand new consumer banking application. However, Flutter proved to be the most efficient regarding the speed and ease of using complicated UI to meet the requirements of the complex design system prepared for the banking application.

Credit Agricole Bank Polska decided to become one of the leaders in digital banking. Their new application, CA24 Mobile, offers a unique customer experience and user interface in the Polish market.

It has a variety of features, including:
- Opening Bank Accounts
- Biometric Authentication
- Product Management
- River of Benefits
- Support Portal
- Bank Transfers and Payments systems
- Online Cash Loan Request
- Runtime Application Self-Protection
- and many more.

What is truly impressive is that this app has been developed from scratch. It isn't an MVP but a fully functional mobile banking application built within 12 months that aligns with the very high standards of the Polish mobile banking market and high customer expectations.