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Calendar Clock    Jelter

The Calendar Clock supports those with a decreased sense of time and memory loss

A decreased memory and/or sense of time can be frustrating for both those affected and their relatives. The calendar clock in application form acts like a memory aid that can help and alleviate the burden of these complaints.

Calendar clock provides insight into the day, the part of the day and the time (analogue or digital) and shows important agenda or personal messages. This stimulates the sense of time and the agenda messages will result in fewer missed appointments or other things being forgotten. This can be very calming because it reduces uncertainties.

An administrator from the family, group of friends and/or caregivers can, among other things, post, edit and delete the appearance of the application. A connection with an administrator can easily be established, because this is made as easy as possible.

The application:
• Is FREE, the application for administrators is available under a different name;
• Works immediately after installation;
• Can be used on almost all devices, large and small, new and old;
• Is designed for people with forms of dementia;
• Encourages communication;
• Works without the need of an internet connection;
• Colour scheme is changeable;
• Has large and clear letters;
• Has little energy consumption;
• Is user friendly because of a minimalistic design.

Privacy and data processing
With the app you can save agenda or personal messages and settings on the Calendar Clock system via a secure connection. This data is only accessible to people with your permission. Calendar clock only stores this data so that it can be modified by the administrator(s) and does nothing further with it. We therefore do not further process and analyse this data and they can also be deleted at any time upon request. For more information, see our Privacy Policy or contact us.