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Camouflage    Game_word

Camouflage is a fun word game intended for ages 8 years and above, to improve the English vocabulary. As the name indicates, this game is all about exploring and discovering as many words hidden (camouflaged) in a base word.

How is Camouflage a different kind of Word game?
- Camouflage is built with an intent to develop vocabulary in kids and adults alike. So, the focus throughout the game is to understand the meaning of words
- The game is dynamic since new words are generated from a rich extensive dictionary. Most word games in the market work with pre-determined words
- In Gaming mode, difficulty levels really exercise your vocabulary since there are no pre-determined base words
- The multi-player mode called Expedition sets up a competitive environment to challenge one another's vocabulary skills where the initiator of an Expedition can define the base word, difficulty level and the timer and challenge one or more friends to play the game
- In Challenge mode, explorers can take up others' Challenges or create new Challenges for other explorers. You can accumulate coins when you create new Challenges, clear Challenges and even when other explorers play and clear your Challenges.
The game evolves with new trends in the English language : Camouflage automatically adds new words to the dictionary whenever Camouflage cannot determine the validity from it's inbuilt dictionary. Camouflage validates new words with Oxford dictionary before adding them to your dictionary
- Ability to earn coins and use coins in various situations. Coins keep the Explorer motivated to discover good words, thereby naturally improving the vocabulary
- You get an increased Achievement as you clear more Challenges
- Your game state is always saved securely. If you uninstall and reinstall Camouflage, your previous game data will be seamlessly restored when you login again