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Chooly    Finance

Chooly is the modern personal finance app. It is designed for Americans to better understand and grow their wealth.

Chooly helps you manage your personal finance by leveraging well-established business financial methodologies:

Your personal Balance Sheet:
- Chooly helps you to track all your assets in one place, so you have an accurate understanding of your assets allocation.
- We connect to banks, brokerages, retirement accounts, and crypto exchanges all in one place.
- Owns a rental property? Have shares in an LLC? You can easily add those too.
- You can even compare your asset allocation with people with similar net worth, to make sure you don’t miss out trends and opportunities.

Your personal Income Statement:
- Track your net worth growth automatically. No need to log in to each of your accounts and copy data to a spreadsheet.
- Analyze your net worth change and get deep insights into growth driving factors. We can tell whether your growth comes from stock bonus v.s. stock appreciation.
- Chooly also comes with a state-of-the-art spending tracker. With one click, you can view your utility spending month over month.
- You can tag transactions like rental income and contractor payments to your rental property, to understand the performance of your different assets.
- Chooly can smartly apply your tag to similar transactions, including future ones.

Your personal Forecasting and Planning:
- We use the latest technology to build financial tools, so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence.
- Chooly tools are built upon net present value analysis and cash flow analysis. Check out our Refinance Calculator, Loan Comparison Calculator, and Present Value Calculator.
- (coming soon) Chooly provides actionable suggestions for your unique situation. There are many know-hows in your investment journey. We make sure you truly understand your financial options and their trade-offs.

Additional features:

Invite your family members:
- You can invite a family member to your account, so they can add their banks and brokerages.
- Build a better financial future together.

No Ads. No selling your data:
- We would like to align Chooly’s interest with yours, so our business model is not to sell ads or sell your data to others.
- Instead, we charge a subscription fee for premium features.