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Here at CodeNova, our aim is to provide you and all developers alike with quality articles that interest you. CodeNova has been built with the developers in mind. You will get a selection of quality articles hand picked by developers on a regular basis.

Within the app, you can choose topics that interest you and have them come up in your feed. You also have the ability to browse by any specific topic that you are interested in. As you use the app more and more, CodeNova will get to know you better and will give you a more personalised feed.

Your feedback matter to us and we are always looking for a way to improve our service to our users so please feel free to give any feedback, comment or suggestion on your experience in using CodeNova!

Here is the list of programming langauges and framworks covered

, laravel, apache, backbone, bitbucket, bootstrap, bower, bulma, coffeescript, d3, docker, foundation, handlebars, mongodb, mysql, redux, npm, swift, php, django, java, fuse, ionic, angular, rails, kotlin, python, nodejs, css, raspberrypi, sass, html, ruby, arduino, javascript, jquery, ios, android, git, npm, less, react, c, webpack, sql, yarn, vuejs, Lua, ES6, mocha, yeoman, jasmine, jade, typescript, webassembly, golang, linux, dotnet, c, csharp