Cognuro Tap
Metronome Brain Training
The metronome has been a standard tool in the neuro industry for years. It's been shown to help with attention, brain rehabilitation, stamina, aging, and more. Our goal is to take those tools and improve upon them. Over the last 7 years, we have gathered data on numerous patients that vary widely in age. Our research has inspired us to create this app to rehabilitate and improve brain function.

Every brain is different! The brain has twelve cranial nerves, and many variations and pathways can come from them. We can’t assume that everyone, with vastly different brains, are going to process information at the same speed. This is why the TAP app was created. This data is coming firsthand from the Brain Rehab Clinic. We will continue to build upon the evolving information. Our app assesses the speed at which each patient can effectively learn and train. In addition, it continually assesses and records the data needed to customize the patient's treatment plan.

Everyone's brain has a specific rate between 30 -100 bpm at which it learns and processes information. As a clinician, Dr. Hatch likes to ensure his patients are doing the correct rehabilitation therapy, and that it is being executed accurately with the metronome beat. This is why a responsive metronome tool is critical and so advantageous.

This app begins assessing at 50 bpm on the left and right hands alone, then we increase the speed to 60 bpm while tapping with both hands alternating. This gives us a baseline to work from. If their results are weak, we "find their speed" by customizing the metronome speed on the app. Our goal is to find each person’s processing speed that allows their brain to perform at its best. Finding their speed expedites rehabilitation and makes the hard wiring more permanent. On this app, we assess before, throughout, and post treatment. This takes away all guesswork.