Real-time color exploration and learning at your fingertips
Type in a color name or code and watch your screen instantly transform. Colortypist is a vibrant journey into the world of colors. This open-source app, crafted in Flutter, lets you experiment, explore, and learn. The main screen is your canvas.

What color format do you fancy today? Hex triplet? RGB? HSL? Colortypist has you covered. Navigate the 148 standard web color names, or venture beyond with expanded options in the settings.

But, the journey doesn’t stop at typing colors. Delve into the Color Information screen and unravel the mysteries of your chosen hue. Its different formats, luminance, brightness, all at your disposal.

Curiosity piqued by a color name in the reference list? Tap it. Watch it fill your screen. Simple, interactive learning in a snap.

The Preview Color screen? It’s your distraction-free, color immersion chamber.

Colortypist, a symphony of colors in your pocket. A tool for artists, a playground for designers, a classroom for learners. Begin your color odyssey today. Let your typed colors paint your screen and your imagination!