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Covid-19 App

Covid19 - Tracker, Feeds, Map, Info, Fitness and more. Spread knowledge about Corona Virus because precaution is all we have in hands.

Covid19 App
Tracker, Feeds, Map, Donation, Meditation and more.

The Problem
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered novel coronavirus which becomes dangerous to all the life present on the planet, humans as well as animals. There is no official medicines available to fight this deadly disease. Due to corona virus the whole world stoped down and it become necessary for us to proove our unity and humanity by defeating this disease wholly. And by knowledge it become easiler to understand all others and to follow intelligent steps.

This app gives you all possible information and tools required by any normal citizen to contribute to fight this pandemic situation at their scale.

1. Track Covid-19 and get complete analytics about Corona Virus including today's and Total Counts.
2. In corona Map you can check any country's current situation just by tapping on pin on the map.
3. Get latest Corona Virus Feeds to get informed about the situation and actions taken for that.
4. Knowledge is the tool to actually fight this pandemic situation. In this app get to know about information and guidelines provided by WHO, to resist spread of corona virus and to prevent you and all others from it.
5. Donate to official channels to help others and to save life on mother earth.
6. List of helpline contacts such as phone number, whatsapp and website for corona virus emegencies of different countries.
7. Corona virus is a deadly disease, and fears a lot of us. For fighting with this internal fear there is a no fear meditation track inside the app.
8. To answers all your other questions there is an IBM watson powered chatbot, always there to help you.