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Covid Shield

Corona Shield is an open sourced Corona Tracking Mobile Application with Back-end made by Amine Jafur with ♥ using Flutter, PHP, JS.

After watching a video about the government's application project for COVID-19 tracking. And, since I had built a similar Bluetooth tracking application for the open-ended Hackathon 2015 by Screendy hosted @Casablanca, Morocco.
I decided to rebuild the Application from scratch and this is what I came up with🤓.

How It Works
- First of all, download the App.
- Open the app and follow the steps.
- Signup using your CIN + Phone ( Make sure to have internet ).
- Activate the Bluetooth so the application can get your mac Adresse else you can enter it on your own.
- After the signing, you will be redirected to the main page of the application, where you will get the Statistics and your profile details as a card.
- If you are deciding to go out, Click on the tracking button in the right bottom corner and start tracking any collisions around you.
The app will keep tracking for any persons you meet out there and it will save them in your phone using specific encryption.
- Let's say for example that you got the COVID-19, the government will take your phone and it will be able to access the encrypted data from your phone using the List icon in the navigation bar, they can also upload the decrypted data to the servers to get statistics and find the person you collided within a very safe way.

That's All, Stay safe and Stay #home