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CrakX: Transforming your preparation    Education

Navigate through the latest campus resources to boost your preparation
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Looking for inspiration for your resume? Struggling to write cover letters for universities and companies? Want to know the latest interview questions and tips for cracking the most difficult situations? Don’t worry at all.

Introducing the CrakX app that brings all campus resources on your fingertips. Navigate through our vast collection of resume resources, interview questions, personal experiences, and tips from various successful candidates and cover letters for portraying your personality in the best way. Don’t forget to use our last minute blogs which cover some of the most frequently asked concepts.

Why CrakX?

We understand how to navigate through the latest preparation strategy to crack a job or intern offer, working with you to identify valuable resources that could prove beneficial to all the batches.


☆ Resume Repository: Get Inspiration to shape your resume according to the company where you are planning to apply.
☆ Stories: Want to know how your seniors got their preparation done for their placements or internships? Check out our stories section which includes a good collection of such experiences!
☆ Statement of purpose: A vast collection of cover letters or SOPs that help to portray your personality in a better way for company applications, MS/Ph.D. cover letters and much more.
☆ Interview Questions: A complete resource of company-wise interview questions asked in the last 5 years.
☆ Revision Arena: Collection of last-minute blogs related to Algorithms, Data structures, Aptitude, and languages that could help you refresh yourself quickly.
☆ Tips: Get the most valuable fundaes and tips that help you master your interview skills and boost your confidence.
☆ Favourites: Loved our resources? Mark them important with our favourites button so that you can have a look in the future.
☆ Support: Easy app support and feedback interface to report any bugs or issues related to our app

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