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Dashboard Reborn    Tools

An open source Flutter template app with a beautiful UI!
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'Dashboard Reborn' is a beautiful looking app with three separate UI components:

- About Page: a clean, neutral cards layout mostly consisting of text.
- Material++ Page: a lively, animated page consisting of bold Material Design colors.
- Gradients Page: a beautiful paginated cards layout complete with a colorful gradients theme.

The app itself does nothing, and is simply made to inspire Flutter developers and designers to use components of the UI in their own apps. It is only a 'demo' or 'template' app, and therefore, does nothing on its own.

I've used a bunch of third party libraries and projects, details of which can be found in the project's README on GitHub. Thanks to the world of open source, I've decided to give back to the community and make this app completely free and open source under the MIT License, meaning you can do anything you want with it.

Have suggestions, improvements, feedback or anything else? Here's the GitHub link - fork it, star it, file issues - you know what to do!

Please do not leave a bad rating if you do not understand the purpose of this app. That said, if you did like it and found it useful, consider giving a nice review on the Play Store or starring the project on GitHub - it really helps me out. And oh, let me know if you're using it in your own apps! I'd love to check them out.