Social Media App for Creating, Sharing & Monetizing Creative Content
Dayblizz is your place to connect online and share unforgettable moments and memories with your friends or audience.

Use our in-app camera to capture and edit photos, videos or create text posts to entertain, inspire or express yourself. Share the small and big events in your life with your inner circle or shout them out to the whole world.

● Your Friends are always with you
Just a single tap and you’ll be able to exclusively see the content your friends are posting. Never miss a single thing again!

● Discover new creators and be inspired or entertained..

● …or pick up our content creation tools to get creative yourself!
Make use of our tools to offer exclusive content or merchandise to your fans. Monetize your content, create a dependable monthly income for yourself and get your entertaining videos, photos or thoughts to the next level. And most importantly connect with your community in a unique way.

● Show your authentic self
By participating in our “Daily”-challenge, which gives you 4:20 to log into our app, take a photo of you and your surroundings and share it with your friends or the community.

● Navigate through our feed and choose your experience
With one tap you can switch from viewing all content to viewing only photos, videos or text content, making sure that you’ll always have the best experience at hand.


You’ve got feedback for us?
We’d love to hear from you, contact us on: [email protected] or tweet @dayblizz