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deFrown – Facial Tension, Wrinkles, Frowning habit    Beauty

Biofeedback game to relieve facial muscles and to relax profoundly at night

° Are you frowing even at night now?
– Relieve facial tension & muscles before sleeping
– deFrown can help you relax body & mind profoundly at night like meditation session with simplest way

° Developed Based on physiology and author's theory
– Ability to catch brightness change is linked to relaxation of blood vessels and surrounding muscles of eyes
– Especially facial muscles like glabellar corrugator, procerus, frontalis is important, so facial wrinkles and related frowing habit is related too
– This is essence of developer who is 20 year physician, 35 year meditator

° All You need to know for game is
– In The Dark, Close Eyes, Bring Screen Closer
– When game start, It darkens every 3 seconds
– If you catch chagne, then Tap Screen
– Whenever you tap, It gets harder to catch, you get closer to win
– Darken completely, Game End, check Result
– To catch better, you need to relax deep, if you focus to catch, you be relaxed deeper

° Information
– More compatible to OLED display: Other types of displays aren't enough for brightness contrast
– Supported languages (March, 2021): English, 한국어
– Please share what happened by deFrown: with #defrown hashtag

° More to read about physiology and theory
– When you relax, parasympathetic nerve is activated, facial muscles relax and pupil becomes smaller
– But the darker screen you are staring at with closed eyes, the larger pupil to absorb more light
– In general, the smaller pupil, the better to catch brightness change. So, if various conscious and unconscious efforts are made to catch better, the pupil size, respiratory rate, blood pressure, pulse rate, muscle tone, and psychological tension are naturally reduced
– This means trying to catch more will relieve your facial tension and help you relax deeper

° Developer: zendoc
– Youtube demo:
– Official Documents:
– Address: Dongduk-ro 123-10, Jung-gu, Daegu, 41940 Republic of Korea
– Contact: [email protected]