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DIY Tile Calculator    House & Home

Calculate tile area square footage and total cost for multiple sections.

Easy to use professional tile calculating app for floors, walls & counter tops. Calculate the number of tiles needed and cost to cover multiple areas.

Make DIY Tile Calculator the Go-To-App for yourself and your customers. Thereby freeing everyone from repetitive calculations that must be done then redone again for tile size changes and/or price changes.

User can enter the packaged tile "Square Feet", that is listed on box, in place of selecting a tile size.

Use multiple tile sheets to keep a running total of all tiles and cost for all areas. Then save all tile sheets, as a project, using a descriptive name. An unlimited number of projects may be created and saved for comparing cost and material.

Floors, walls, backsplash and counter tops can be broken down into rectangularly sections to make measuring layouts a lot simpler.

Border tiles will be much easier to calculate when using two or more tile sheets. Just measure each side as a rectangle and the app will keep track and total each area.

Share the results with others via app generated pdf file and email. Then print the report to have a hard copy handily available.

Also, each tile sheet may include a picture to show your favorite tile styles or work areas.