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DroidPass Password Manager    Productivity

Create, save & protect passwords , notes , contacts with secure password vaults.

DroidPass remembers all your passwords for you, and keeps all the passwords safe and secure behind the one master password that only you know.

DroidPass Password Manager is a powerful creator of passwords that will ward off hackers and keep your treasured information safe. Strong passwords are generated by complexed algorithms and stored in an encrypted database. You will only need one master pin to unlock it all and do as you wish.

DroidPass Password Manager stores information for websites ranging from medical to finances to simple gaming apps, so you can free your mind to tackle more important undertakings. Advance Encryption Standard (AES-256) will do all the grunt work of accessing your android devices and save your essential data.

DroidPass Password Manager for more than just passwords, It securely stores personal info like your Contact, Wi-Fi passwords, Secure Notes or anything else you need to keep secure and accessible. 

Instant syncing and data backup will keep all your devices up-to-date with any password alterations. Upon any notification that a website or company becomes venerable to cyber security attacks, DroidPass Password Manager will prevent further infiltration to your account.

Use DroidPass Password Manager to :
☆ Instant syncing and data backup with all your devices to move your passwords at will.
☆ Access via one single master-pin . Everything you store in DroidPass is
protected by master-pin that only you know.
☆ Password Generator for the creation of strong secure passwords.
☆ Store passwords for all types of website with strong AES-256 encryption .
☆ Securely store secure notes , contacts in the encrypted vault.
☆ Protect passwords from data theft.
☆ Light and dark color themes available.
☆ Automatically lock the app after specific time and when screen turned off.
☆ Prevent Screenshot to protect password.

Get more with DroidPass Password Manager Pro :
☆ Unlimited encrypted storage.
☆ Unlimited number of entries.
☆ Add Extra Fields.
☆ Customize app theme.
☆ Profile premium badge.
☆ Automatically lock the app instantly.
☆ Priority tech support.

DroidPass Password Manager never has the master password to your encrypted data, so your information is available to you, and only you. Your vault is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption.

** If you need assistance, please email [email protected]