Dropy - Smart drink reminder
You want to have a more beautiful skin, less ravenous appetite attacks, more energy and a better metabolism? Then you should drink enough water daily to benefit from the many positive effects.
Being hydrated helps your body stay healthy and fit. By tracking and analysing your drinking behaviour, you will get a clear insight into your drinking habits. So that your body is not dehydrated at any time, you will be reminded to drink water in time.
Already after a short time you will notice many positive changes!

Main features:

🏆 Achievements

You will be rewarded for your stamina with great successes.

⏰ Reminders

Various reminder functions for the remaining amount of water you should drink.

🍹 Individual drinks

Add your favourite drinks with their respective Hydration Index.

💧 Calculating your drinking amount

We use your information to calculate the perfect amount of water you should drink every day to ensure an optimal drinking water household.

☀ 🏃 Weather and Activity

Both the weather and your physical activity can be included in the calculation of your optimal drinking amount.

📊 Statistics

Find out how many drinks you consume in the course of a week, a month and even a year.

🐳 Dropy

Dropy your Drink Coach supports you to drink enough water. He reflects your hydration and is happy when you reach your goals.

It has never been easier to develop healthy drinking habits, because our Drink Coach App supports you in reaching your goals every day. You will celebrate many successes in the future and thus influence your health positively in the long run.

Optimize your drinking habits with Dropy!