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DrugStars    Medical

DrugStars is a health app, helping people to manage their medication while adding their voice to the global movement toward "Patient Powered Pharmaceuticals."
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When a user downloads the DrugStars app they add their voice to an important global conversation, a conversation about how we can improve medication for us all. By adding their medications to the app and sharing just how their treatment is going in the real world they start to generate data. This data is collected, anonymised and used for scientific research.

Reward yourself and others, just by taking your meds.
Users can easily convert their rewards, or “stars” as we call them, into free cash donations to patient organisations and charities close to their heart. These free cash donations help to improve not only treatment plans, but the lives of other patients all over the world.

DrugStars is a growing global movement, doing good for the 57% of the global population living their lives with medication.

Just by using DrugStars users are actively supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 12.

A recent study showed that patients using DrugStars for just 60 days actually start to feel better, about themselves, their medication and amazingly their general wellbeing. Here are a few facts from a recent survey: 35% of those asked reported feeling that the effect of their medications had actually improved. 79% of those asked felt they were better at remembering to take their medication. A staggering 69% of participants felt an increase in their motivation with regards to taking their medications. 49% felt their understanding of their medication improved due to using DrugStars, and a staggering 46% of the thousands of users asked experienced an improved quality of life.