Drum Practice Diary to structure and improve your Drumming Skills!
Ever felt overwhelmed by all the possibilities on what to practice on the drums?
Ever felt like you don't make any progress and jump from one exercise to another?
Ever felt like structuring and tracking your practice could help but you have no idea where to start?
Ever created a practice plan on paper and manually tracked all your sessions with huge effort?

Welcome to my life ;)!

As a drummer myself I went through all this struggle and decided to fix it by combining my job as a mobile app developer with my passion for drumming and create an app which helps you to:

- structure your practice by creating plans and filling them with exercises
- start practice sessions easily where all your exercises can be run through
- tracking your practice time and progress and make it visible.

Since we all know drummers often practice in a cellar with less or no internet connection at all. So here are the good news: Drumbitious can be used completely offline! It doesn't need any internet connection at all for now.

- Create & Manage Drum Practice Plans and Exercises
- Use the inbuilt Metronome
- Guiding through your Practice Plans in Sessions
- Automatically filled Practice Diary