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duy! - URL Shortener for Social Networks    Tools

Create short and easy to remember URLs for social networks that don't allow URLs

### Quick explanation

With duy! you can:

- Create URLs like
- Then you just add this link on an image or as a simple text in the description of your publications on your social networks
- Your followers can memorize these simple URLs for a few seconds while they type it in their web browser
- Your followers will be redirected to the long destination URL you have chosen, such as blog articles, news, your promotions, or the destination URL you want.

- instead of 'fab' the username you choose will go
- the number 3 will increase by one unit for each new link you create

Use duy! It is completely free and without link limits, you will only see a few advertisements in the dashboard (your links management area).

### Long explanation

Did you notice that it is not possible to add links in the publications of some social networks?

Thinking of a solution to this problem, we have created an app to generate short and simple links, for example:

Such a link is so simple that you can place it as a text in your images and then your followers will be able to memorize this URL for 2 seconds to finally type it directly in their web browser. At that time, they will be redirected to the destination you want.

I know! looks a bit weird, but after a few shared links it will be somewhat familiar.

After "", each link continues with the username you choose, in this example it is "fab", and finally a simple number that will increase to 4, then 5 and so on for each new link you generate.

The best?

The use of this app is completely free, and you will be able to generate all the links you want.

You will be able to generate links to any destination, such as articles from a blog or products from a store that you are promoting.

What is the advantage over other URL shorteners that already exist?

The goal of duy! is to provide URLs that are easy to remember for a few seconds.

It is much easier to remember a URL like than a URL like

Imagine some URLs that instead of "fab" have your username, which is a name that your followers already know well. They will be very easy to remember URLs.

What is our profit?

Well, the app shows some advertisements, just some so that it is not something annoying.

### User profile

You may have noticed that the short URLs generated in duy! Include a username of your choice followed by a number.

But what happens if we avoid the number?

In the URL of the previous example, if we only enter:

We will see the profile of the user @fab, with a list of all the links to their social networks, their websites and all the links that this user wants to show.

This is very useful in those social networks that only allow you to place a link in the "bio".

In this way, your followers, using a single link, will be able to access the complete list of all your profile links.

If you liked the idea, try duy! It is free and simple to use.

If you have an idea to improve duy! You can leave us your feedback as a comment right here.