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A unique social media platform to stay in touch with your followers –Your Personalised Social Media App

Are you fond of social media interaction on a daily basis? Whether you are running a business or wish to create a strong social media influence through your social media profile, the Eayzi app serves to be your one-stop solution. The interactive app allows its users to connect effectively with the followers actively.

The Eayzi app by KR Solutions is filled with interactive features to enhance the overall experience of the end users. Some of the high-end features that the Eayzi app portrays to its users include the following:

Active social connections on all the leading social media platforms including Facebook, Google+, and others
Effective app integrations for the overall ease of use
Integrate photo galleries to put the photographs on Instagram, Facebook, and others
Get updated news in a wide industry vertical
Organize appointments easily

Top Features of the App

For all the social media enthusiasts out there, Eayzi comes with tons of interactive features for the overall ease of establishing new connections and interacting with them. If you are a business owner, the app offers you the ease of connecting with your bold followers. The app comes with an easy-to-use dashboard for the overall ease of use.

Some of the top features of the Eayzi app include:

Fully Customisable –you can customize the app as per your specifications –right from choosing the desired fonts to the theme, app name, splash screen, and so more
Send Updates –you can make use of the interactive app to send updates to the followers through images, links, or emergency alerts

Manage Appointments –allowing you to manage appointments with the followers

Create & Share Upcoming Events –let the followers know about the latest events

Create Post –allows you to create attractive social media posts with different priorities and layouts

Receive Notifications –you can receive push up notifications with respect to the updates and alerts regarding your social media activity. You can also receive updates about the latest news, events, and so more through this app.

Zoom In: You can zoom in to adjust the font size of the content as well as image size

Simple, Attractive Design: The simple, attractive design of the app offers the ease of swiping and scrolling through the app for an enhanced experience.

Share Content: The users can share relevant content on other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others

Optimised: The app has been optimised to work well even for slow Internet connections

In-app dashboard –for managing the users and content

Live chat feature –to interact with the users

Some of the additional features of the Eayzi app include the ease of access to feeds, updating & sharing contact details, updating profile information, donation, entertainment section, and various others.

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