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eBabil: Language Learning Games for Students    Education

Language learning app for students

Preschool, elementary and secondary schools, high school and college students for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Turkish, Dutch, Indonesian, Hebrew, Polish, Greek, Urdu, Serbian, Hungarian, Danish, Croatian, Ukrainian, Icelandic, Georgian learning application:

With educational games, you can reach the B2 level in your target language in just 12 weeks.

The following fun and instructive lessons are waiting for you in eBabil, a foreign language learning app:

• School-related word games
• Family related word games
• Word games about Fruits and Foods
• Word games about Organs
• Word games about Colors and Numbers
• Sports-related word games
• Word games about Science and Technology
• Word games about Nature
• Word games about Professions
• Word games about Vacation
• Health related word games
• Word games about Animals and Plants
• Environmental word Games
• Word games about Nutrition
• Word games about Adjectives
• Word games about Time
• Educational word games

Using eBabil 10 minutes a day:

✔ You can learn a foreign language in 12 weeks
✔ You can learn words in a foreign language with educational games
✔ You can practice speaking in a foreign language with educational games
✔ You can improve your pronunciation skills by adding games to your foreign language lessons
✔ You can improve your reading skill by reading fairy tales and stories in the target language
✔ You can improve your language with tongue twister

Designed by linguists and Game Developers, eBabil provides educational reports for families and teachers:

✔ You can follow the statistics of your child who wants to learn a foreign language.
✔ You can measure your students' grammatical knowledge in the target language.
✔ By giving homework to your students, you can keep track of these homeworks.