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Eddicus    Eddicus Software

The handy business assistant for small businesses

Starting and building a business is HARD work. You'll often be tasked with a million items as a single individual, all at once. Eddicus is termed a 'business assistant' for that precise reason. It's not a tool that helps you do only one specific thing. Instead, it helps you get through and keep track of all the important tasks that are essential to running your business.

If you're a small to medium business looking for a solution to neatly store your customer database, manage your orders or bookings, send live updates to your customers regarding their order, then Eddicus is the tool for you.
Eddicus also helps you keep in touch with your customers through SMS and email bulk-messaging.

If you're still using that old shoebox to neatly store all your accounting receipts and paperwork, it's time to bid goodbye to that box and scale-up.
We're learning every day, about what tasks matter the most to you as a small business and are constantly integrating that into the product without compromising the quality of your experience, by cutting out anything that doesn't add value to you.
We believe less is more, and Eddicus has all that you need to run your business smoothly encapsulated in that 'less'.
What's more! we even got something to make your accountant happier, with a neat, and smart system to keep track of all your expenses and receipts and extract the necessary information when it's required.

So no more stacks of receipts waiting to be sorted, no more large log books that give you a headache every time you need to retrieve data out of. We're even saying goodbye to manually alerting our customers about their orders and updates from the business.
With Eddicus, all this is within reach at the simple tap of a button.

Looking forward to a long and lasting partnership!