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Erby baby tracker for newborns & nursing mom log    Parenting

Track breastfeeding, pumping & milk stash. Note baby feedings, sleep, milestones

If you're like most mothers, you'll gain a sense of security in tracking your newborn's feeding and diapers. Erby will help you make sure your baby is getting enough breast milk, know which breast to start the next feeding on, and record any pumpings or supplemental feedings.

All in one app for baby & nursing mother! Separate profile for mom and baby.

Erby is a breastfeeding mom 's simple food, beverage, medicine, and supplement log to help identify allergy triggers on an infant.

So, if you think your infant eczema, wheezing, diarrhea, or any of the enumerated illnesses is allergy - related, grab this food diary and start logging now!

Log in breastfeeding or bottle feeding, diaper changes, sleep patterns, vaccination, and more all to help track a baby's development and keep the baby on a schedule.

Erby allows you to turn off features you don't use. So if you only want to track stash or only want to track feeding you can do that! Just add the useful button on a widget.

You can:
- easily record breastfeeding by one click
- track pumping by each breast or by both, if you, expressing two breasts at one time
- track stash - always be sure that you have enough frozen milk
- fix night sleep and nap to figure out your baby sleep patterns
- record bottle feeding: formula, pumped milk, water, whatever
- fix urination (with a volume if needed) and defecation separately
- fixing diaper changing, you will always know how many diapers were changed per day
- monitor weight gain and height
- record baths and walks, play, massage
- track teething
- fix solid food, add details to track babies reaction
- track symptoms and temperature
- add vitamins or medicines and reactions
- write down thoughts on motherhood, memories, milestones, or questions and concerns to share with the baby's doctor. Erby is great for pediatrician visits.

More than a log book! Erby can become a keepsake of your first precious months with your baby.

Logging and tracking activity of several babies. Supports twins!

Erby was created to help even the most sleep - deprived mothers monitor the baby's progress by recording a baby's daily activity in this easy to use a log app.