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Exchanger101 is the all-in-one trading App that helps you convert your Giftcards and cryptocurrencies to Naira at mouth-watering rates.

Exchanger101 trades ALL kinds of Giftcards. Everybody says that Exchanger 101 is the most reliable Gift card exchanger in Nigeria.
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Have a gift card to trade? You need money in exchange for your cryptocurrencies? Exchanger101 is your one stop platform that lets you trade your gift cards and cryptocurrencies for instant cash stress free.

Trade Gift Cards for Cash
Got or Need Gift Cards? Then our app is for YOU! Trade gift cards in minutes. Instant payments to your wallet for your gift cards (Nordstrom, iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Sephora, Google Play, Steam, Vanilla, ,Walmart,etc) at the bestest rates in the market anytime and anywhere.

₿ Buy or Sell Bitcoins ,USDT Tether or other Cryptocurrencies.
If you hold any cryptos such as bitcoin, tether or others, you can sell them on the X101 app and redeem them for Naira. It’s extremely easy to buy or sell crypto using the our app.

Instant Payments
Our payment facility is one of the best out there, you get your payment within minutes.

Zero Fees on Withdrawals
Withdraw moneys into your bank account at no charge! We here for you

Bill Payments are coming soon on the app as well! Soon, you can pay all your bills on the go with Exchanger101. (Cable Bills, Utility Bills, Data/ Airtime Purchase, & more)

Virtual Dollar Card COMING SOON
Online Shopper? Netflix Binging? In-App Payments?…With the Exchanger101 virtual dollar card COMING SOON, you'll make international payments on your favorite websites & apps!

Exchanger101 offers an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support.
If you have any feedback or suggestions for our app, please send us an email at [email protected].

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The official Exchanger 101 App is made to give you power from the comfort of your phone. With lightning-quick transactions, we pay our customers and treat their time as a priority. You never know how awesome it is until you try.

NB : Bill payment, and virtual cards are coming soon