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Find the Kanji! - Easy Kanji Game    Blue Bunny Games

Learn and improve recognition of kanji within a time limit.

Introducing Find the Kanji!: A simple game that aims to improve your kanji recognition. It is similar to a word search, except with kanji.

Given its meaning, find the corresponding kanji within a 7 x 7 grid and time limit!

If you want a simpler way to practice and study kanji on the go, then try this game out and learn kanji by simply finding them. Train your mind and get sharper too!

★ Learn all 2136 Jouyou kanji by grade level
Link a kanji to its meaning. Then, given its meaning, try and find the kanji it corresponds to in a grid! But hurry, since there is a timer ticking down and you need to find the kanji 3 times total!

★ Review
Learning is just one step, but reviewing is crucial too. Review kanji that you learn by finding it again. Reviews appear based on an algorithm, like in an SRS(Spaced repetition system), but this one specifically factors in how long it took you to find the kanji and how many times you have gotten it right! Don't worry about when to review, but let the system handle it for you! You just have to be there and check for them daily!

★ Quiz
Quizzes appear after about every 5 kanji and are an engaging way to find 5 kanji in one session rather than 1 individually!

★ Manual Quiz Review
If you already know lots of kanji, but want to practice finding them based on a certain grade level, there is an option on the first screen to find 5 kanji in one session, just like the regular quiz screen!

★ Earn gold stars as you progress through the game! Use them to refresh the grid or for hints of the kanji you need to find!

Try this educational kanji game out now and strengthen your Japanese reading skills!