FinZi es la billetera para jóvenes colombianos, con la que aprenderás a manejar tu dinero de forma inteligente, fácil y rápido desde tu celular.
With FinZi, you will be able to:

- Have your own digital bank account in minutes with just your ID.
- Get your 1st Visa® debit card for free, delivered to your doorstep with no handling fee.
- Send and receive money between FinZi users and from other banks, with no costs or delays.
- Deposit money into your bank account through PSE, other banks, and over 17,000 locations across the country.
- Transfer money to other banks
- Set and achieve savings goals
- Access your first loan
- Start building your credit history
- Additionally, you can earn up to $10,000 COP for each friend you invite to FinZi with our Referral Plan. The best part is, your friend also earns.

Parents don't get left behind!

They can give their children a tool to help them build a better future.

- Monitor their finances.
- Set tasks together and reward them when they complete them.
- FinZi will not only be a digital wallet, it will also become your ally in managing household finances, helping you control expenses securely and encouraging good financial habits.