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Fitwill: Fitness Plans For Gym & Home with advanced logging    Health & Fitness

Gym log, workout tracker, challenge tracker and fitness trainer.
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Fitwill is the simplest and most intuitive workout and exercise tracker app for any fitness plans or challenges. It is designed to help you to get better results from your workouts, break your body limits and reach your fitness goals. This app is good for individuals and for professional fitness trainers, and it works well for gym, street and home workouts.

You can try all features in the app without subscribing, but you can mark 15 sets as completed only, and you can try app without this limitation within 7 Days for free with any subscription plan: 1 months, 3 months and 1 year.

Top features:

- No ads
- Intuitive interface
- Suits for home and gym workouts
- Sign in with your Google or Facebook account
- Works online and offline, but make sure to run the app at least once with Internet connection. Please note that all exercise videos are hosted on YouTube, so any videos which were not downloaded in YouTube app will not be available without Internet connection
- Automatically saves your data to the cloud when Internet connection is available, so you will never lose your workouts, exercises and your progress
- More than 1000+ exercises with videos with ability to add your own exercises
- Supports different type of exercises: reps / weight, reps, distance / time, time, distance
- Supports different weight and distance units: kg/lbs and km/mi
- Supports different workout plans: plan, challenge or single workout
- More than 50+ workout plans and challenges built in with ability create your own
- Supports different locations: gym or home
- Ability to group your workouts by weeks and days (it works better for workout routines), or just by days (it works better for challenges)
- Copy/Paste weeks, days, or single exercises with all sets
- Quickly copy sets from past exercises within the same plan to current exercise
- All time stats: plans completed, workouts completed, exercises completed, sets completed, reps completed, hours, total weight lifted, distance

Top challenges:
30 Day Abs Challenge
30 Day Plank Challenge
30 Day High Knees Challenge
30 Day Butt Lift Challenge
30 Day Full Body Challenge
30 Day Squat Challenge
and more, and you can add your own challenges, workout routines or single workouts as well.

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